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Blockchain Academy Chile and R3 offer a webinar on Corda and use cases in Latin America

April 25, 2020

A webinar on Corda, the latest developments and use cases in Latin America will take place on April 28th, organized by the Blockchain Academy Chile in collaboration with R3. This has been reported on the website of the Blockchain Academy Chile.

The organizers said: “It is an online session (webinar) with R3, an enterprise software company that works with a broad ecosystem of more than 300 participants who develop blockchain applications in Corda.“”

“In this session, we will discuss the latest developments and use cases in various industries in the region, including capital markets, insurance and the supply chain,” they added.

Blockchain Academy Chile and R3 offer a webinar on Corda and use cases in Latin AmericaBlockchain Academy Chile and R3 offer a webinar on Corda and use cases in Latin America

Carlos Arena, Director of America, and Gustavo Paro, Director of Business Sales at Latam will participate. The idea is that they share their work experiences with companies, ISVs and startups across Latin America to develop blockchain networks in different industries and the value it has generated.

About the Blockchain Academy Chile

The Blockchain Academy Chile tries to spread the knowledge about blockchain technology through various tools and methods for both technicians (developers) and non-technicians (companies – innovators – entrepreneurs). They base their academic philosophy on learning through action. They mix technical concepts with development tools and their applications. You would like to contribute to the development of this technology with trained and experienced specialists. All of this through open courses, private workshops and community events.

About R3 and Corda

R3 is an enterprise software company that focuses on distributed database technology. He leads a consortium with members such as financial institutions, banks, trade associations and fintech companies. The main goal of the R3 consortium is to develop Corda, an open source platform for distributed accounting, developed in the financial sector to carry out complex transactions and restrict access to transaction data. Corda has also sparked interest from healthcare institutions, the insurance industry and governments. Although R3 was inspired by blockchain, Corda is not designed as a traditional blockchain platform. Corda does not have its own cryptocurrency, can only share data with the required participants and offers interoperable finance and trading applications (called CorDapps). Corda is gradually being introduced in the financial industry and used for transactions by Credit Suisse and IGN. At the same time, more and more partners are being won for R3.

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