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Block.One to start the social media platform early

June 8, 2020

Voice, EOS developer Block.One’s social media platform, announced that it will launch on July 4th.

After a Tweet posted Salah Zalatimo, CEO of Voice, will make the social media platform available to readers on June 6th on Independence Day.and only registered users can post content or participate online.

“We had been working towards a big unveiling this fall”Zalatimo said: “But we just can’t wait any longer. We have to take the social back of great technology NOW.”

Block.One to start the social media platform earlyBlock.One to start the social media platform early

The platform has been in beta testing since February 14th. The CEO said the record will remain until August 15thwhen voice users can invite their friends.

Ready to monetize social media

As the company responsible for the EOSIO protocol (EOS) has announced that it will develop a blockchain-based social media platform in June 2019Block.One has invested $ 100 million in cash and $ 50 million in intellectual property in Voice. The company also purchased the domain name for $ 30 million.

Cointelegraph reported that Block.One had received a patent for a blockchain-based bidding system for advertising purposes, which is tied to popular social media posts. The patent is likely to be implemented in Voice.

Although Voice is a platform powered by cryptocurrencies, it has come under fire for privacy reasons. All members will have their identity verified, using some metadata to “prevent and detect crime”.

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