Blinken Announces the US will add Costa Rica to the COVID-19 vaccine donation program

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced this Wednesday that the country plans to distribute around 80 million vaccines against the coronavirus in several countries, including Costa Rica.

The head of US diplomacy, Carlos Alvarado, said after a meeting with President Carlos Alvarado that the process would focus on “fairness and science” and that there would be no “political guidelines” for this distribution. Therefore, he stated that the government would work in coordination with the UN-COVAX mechanism.

In addition, it has indicated that the United States has worked closely to provide protective medical equipment and mobile hospitals. “You heard from President Joe Biden a few weeks ago that we will have about 80 million doses of the vaccine available worldwide that we will have access to between now and the end of June. In two weeks we will be announcing the process of” we will distribute these vaccines, ”he said.

Blinken Announces the US will add Costa Rica to the COVID-19 vaccine donation program
Blinken Announces the US will add Costa Rica to the COVID-19 vaccine donation program

“Among other things, we will focus on justice, on the fair distribution of vaccines. We will concentrate on science. We will work in coordination with the COVAX mechanism and distribute vaccines from the recipients without political conditions,” said Blinken, after Information from the newspaper ‘La Nación’.

For his part, the Costa Rican President thanked the United States for their cooperation, saying that his administration “is waiting for the announcements regarding vaccines”. “We hope to be among the countries that will receive this,” he said.

The President reminded of the aid the US has provided since the beginning of the pandemic, such as the donation of protective equipment and mobile hospitals.

Blinken has thus underlined the interest of his country in strengthening relations with Costa Rica and emphasized: “It is no coincidence that this is the first country in Central America that it is visiting.”

“It is no coincidence that we are here because the United States and Costa Rica are united in an alliance based on shared values ​​in relation to the most pressing problems our peoples face today, especially in times of great challenges,” he added.

With this in mind, he has made extensive reference to the need for “joint work” between his country and the Central American region in order to continue to face scourges such as organized crime.

“The region is becoming increasingly linked to our neighbors in Central America. In the United States we are seeing the climate crisis, the COVID-19 crisis, the fight against organized crime. We see that regional cooperation is essential. These are problems that we must all work against and we will be more effective if we address them together, “he added.

In addition, he claimed that Biden had “planned an unprecedented investment in the area that will focus on all people, not just those with good connections”.

This US investment in Central American countries will focus on improving the quality of life in the communities to avoid migration, as stated. “If they don’t (if they don’t invest in Central America) these people could fall into the hands of the coyotes they bring to other countries, including the United States,” he ruled.

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