Bitso offers advertising and gives DAI for one hour

Bitso-Börse has integrated the DAI stable coin into its portfolio and started a campaign for Mexico. If new users in this country buy 100 DAIs via Bitso Alpha or the Bitso app, they will receive 10 DAIs as a gift. Today the action only lasts an hour a day. This was reported to Cointelegraph in Spanish through a statement.

“Since its inception, derived from the 2008 crisis, cryptocurrencies have grown steadily, and it has always been believed that their chance to grow exponentially would come with the next global crisis. Without a doubt, 2020 has surprised us with important and alarming economic challenges and it is time to put cryptocurrencies to the test, “said Bitso.

“Although Bitcoin and the rest of the cryptocurrencies have grown this year, the big surprise was the surge in stablecoins or stablecoins. These currencies try to follow the price of a traditional asset to avoid the volatility of other cryptocurrencies, “they later added.

Bitso offers advertising and gives DAI for one hour
Bitso offers advertising and gives DAI for one hour

The company also stated that DAI is one of the stable coins that has seen the highest growth in recent monthsespecially in Latin America, since in addition to ensuring stability, it enables value to be protected with a lower degree of volatility, Its value is tied to the value of the dollarguarantees the functionality around the clock and the removal of limits for sending and receiving currencies.

“This is of great benefit to anyone looking for a reliable savings instrument or who needs to conduct foreign exchange transactions on an international level. You can do this very easily through DAI,” they noted.

“DAI is one of the cryptocurrencies that exist it has shown considerable growth. Around 77 million DAI have been issued worldwide since its introduction in 2017. The total guarantee that supports this circulation is USD 298 million in cryptocurrencies, which means that USD 3.87 is supported for each DAI at all times”You detailed from Bitso.

Another great benefit is that it is a censorship-resistant currency that allows you to receive and send money freely, without limits and almost instantly. This quality is highly valued by those who send money transfers to other countries or who have to structure payment deferrals over time, a quality that other volatile currencies cannot match.

“For example, if you are Mexican and want to take advantage of the latest technology and restrictions for teaching Spanish in a European country, you can receive payments in US dollars through DAI by simply downloading an app on your smartphone and scanning a QR code and without Bank or intermediary in the whole process, “they commented on the exchange.

It should be remembered that In Latin America, Bitso is active with expansion plans in Mexico and Argentina. “Now millions of people can access this cryptocurrency through Bitso, a platform with six years of experience and ten different cryptocurrencies in our portfolio,” they concluded.

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