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Bitrefill offers a refund for Satoshis for your expenses: next stop in Brazil

June 12, 2020

Bitrefill users Through their platform, they can collect percentages of Bitcoin returns with each purchase of more than 200 gift cards for different products. This was announced in a press release on Thursday June 11th.

Depending on the products they buy, users can collect between 1% and 6% of their purchases, even though the cards contain clothing, electronics, and even groceries. “If we can use our marketing costs to reward our best customers and make a living with more lucrative crypto, So this is a win-win situationThe company’s CEO said Forbes.

“As of today, every Bitrefill user worldwide In Bitcoin, you can get a return of at least 1% on every purchase. For selected products you get a higher percentage of up to 6%. The highest rewards are currently set for 217 US products. United States (158) and the United Kingdom (59), ”the press release said.

Bitrefill offers a refund for Satoshis for your expenses: next stop in BrazilBitrefill offers a refund for Satoshis for your expenses: next stop in Brazil

One of the peculiarities of this decision is that the returns are on Satoshis instead of Fiat coins. The aim is “Preserve value betterIn the event that the customer wants to leave the credit to spend it later.

CoinTelegraph in Spanish spoke exclusively to Mauro Peretti, the company’s marketing manager, to learn more about this decision. “”The users had asked for a reward system, and now we have enough volume to do it without harming the company financially. Also to encourage the use of products that are little knownPeretti explained.

The Argentine made it clear that this cashback applies to every payment as long as the user spends their expenses while logged in to their Bitrefill account. It should be said that although it will only be available in the United States and the United Kingdom, the next country to be added will be Brazil.

“To start getting Sats, all you have to do is sign up for an account (it takes seconds to provide just an email and password) and is ready to be rewarded on every gift card, mobile top-up and digital proof purchase for your favorite brands, retailers and online stores“Reads in the press release.

Other services like Lolli or wrinkles They also offer sats back, though not in the same way.