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BitPay works with Binance to support BUSD payments in 50 states

April 27, 2020

Payment service provider BitPay has teamed up with Binance to support the exchange’s stablecoin BUSD.. Stablecoin is now available to 2 million BitPay private and business customers.

BitPay’s wallet released support for BUSD on April 27th. with the support of dealers who should be activated “in the coming days”.

BUSD support is also extended to the BitPay card. While only US-based customers can use the BitPay card, The product is available in all 50 states.

BitPay works with Binance to support BUSD payments in 50 statesBitPay works with Binance to support BUSD payments in 50 states

Changpeng Zhao, founder and CEO of Binance, said the company is “an honor to work with BitPay”.and describes the company as “one of the first and most reputable crypto payment service providers” in the crypto sector.

“By partnering with BitPay, merchants and businesses around the world can accept BUSD.”Zhao explained, adding: “We believe that more and more traders and companies will introduce cryptocurrencies.”.

Stephen Pair, CEO of BitPay, described the partnership as an extension of payment options for its customersand serves users “who want the flexibility to pay with the stability of the US dollar in the blockchain”.

Binance starts a mining pool

Binance launched its mining pool on April 27 and offers account integration across Binance’s multiple platforms. Binance Pool members also receive discounts on their exchanges.

Lisa He, director of Binance Pool, responded to concerns from the crypto community that Binance Pool could lead to further centralizationtells Cointelegraph:

“As industry players like Binance continue to enter mining and contribute to the computing power of the industry, the mining industry is becoming more decentralized than two years ago.”

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