Bitnovo distributes crypto vouchers in physical stores

In Spain, Bitnovo distributes crypto vouchers in well-known physical stores in order to achieve massive acceptance by the Spanish public. This was reported to Cointelegraph on June 2 through a statement in Spanish.

“”Cryptocurrencies are taking to the streets. Bitnovo sells crypto vouchers in physical stores such as Fnac, Eroski, Game or even in tobacco shopsSo that everyone has access to this sector and realizes that it is easier than many people insist on showing it, “they explained in this statement. There are vouchers that allow you to buy cryptocurrencies directly with cash and redeem them immediately.

From Bitnovo, they analyzed what is happening to the economy worldwide. They found that the whole world is trying to save the recovery economies. “With that in mind, the Federal Reserve’s (US) policies are very aggressive to bring more liquidity to the market and print large amounts of dollars in record time,” they recalled.

Bitnovo distributes crypto vouchers in physical stores
Bitnovo distributes crypto vouchers in physical stores

“”A context that only favors decentralized financial alternatives that are beyond the control of banks and governments and enjoy a high level of security. Thanks to blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies are consolidated in society“You emphasized later.

They viewed this from Bitnovo, although it is a sector that has not forgotten the global corona virus crisis. Cryptocurrencies quickly regained their value and even managed to establish themselves more among the population. “There is multiple evidence of this consolidation: businesses that accept Bitcoin as a payment method, prepaid cards that can be used to top up cryptocurrency funds every day, cryptocurrency ATMs, and even coupons,” they said.

On the other hand, They explained that Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin are some of the thousands of options that exist in the cryptocurrency market today.. Everyone with their peculiarities. And they assured that the process of acquiring them is getting easier.

Marcos Muñoz, CEO of Bitnovo, said:

“Today, buying cryptocurrencies is not complicated, slow, or unreliable.”

This type of alternative is concerned with facilitating access to buying cryptocurrencies without the user having to have extensive industry knowledge, complex transactions on the Internet or languages ​​(since the vast majority of the media is usually spoken English).

About Bitnovo

It is a Spanish company (Valencia, 2015) founded with the aim of facilitating access to buying and selling cryptocurrencies. It is a platform through which the user can purchase cryptocurrencies. It is represented in several European countries such as Italy, France or Portugal. In addition, there are more than 30,000 physical outlets across Europe for users who want to buy bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies directly with cash. You can find Bitnovo vouchers in physical fnac, game, word and even tobacco shops.

The company also has a customer service support team that is available 365 days a year in Spanish, Italian and English.

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