BitMEX offers its corporate customers targeted services

BitMEX, a Hong Kong-based exchange for cryptocurrency derivatives, is launching a new program with benefits for its corporate customers that includes an improved accounting and security service.

According to a June 22 announcement on the BitMEX support page The stock exchange starts a new program for corporate customers, BitMEX Corporate. Accounts on the cryptocurrency exchange that are not owned or operated by an individual can now guarantee that their BitMEX funds are the legal property of a company.

According to BitMEX, the new functions were developed for customers who need “different ownership structures for their accounts”. the means for your employees to access and manage accounts, as well as security requirements. However, the announcement also noted that options such as multi-user sign-in and instant transfer between accounts will be available later in 2020.

Still involved in controversy

BitMEX offers its corporate customers targeted services
BitMEX offers its corporate customers targeted services

Although BitMEX is still one of the largest futures exchanges in the world, many members of the crypto community have said that they are losing confidence in them.

Cointelegraph reported in March that when the exchange suffered an almost 25-minute break during the cryptocurrency carnage, Many users were not convinced by BitMEX’s statement “a hardware problem with your cloud service provider”. In addition, the derivative giant faces a new lawsuit in which its executives are accused of extortion, money laundering, transfer fraud and unauthorized money transfers.

Crypto Twitter users were quick too Respond to Bitmex’s official announcement with a little skepticism.

“Isn’t it too late, boys?”, said the Twitter user call_aka_911with reference to BitMEX’s corporate news.

Others, including users 24 Basedwere more powerful: “The retail trade has disappeared from their exchanges. Now they have to try to defraud companies with overhead costs?”

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