BitMEX mocks the plaintiffs with the words “Admitted to the Seychelles, come to me, brother”.

The law enforcement agency in a lawsuit accusing BitMEX of market manipulation and operating in the US without a license believes that this is the case Twilio has thousands of incriminating email records supporting his case.

Bitcoin Manipulation Abatement LLC (BMA) has asked the court to keep all Twilio BitMEX-related email information, the US cloud communication platform The BMA fears that BitMEX could delete all data records without the order.

The BMA filed a lawsuit In mid-May, the BitMEX parent company accused HDR Global Trading Ltd. widespread manipulation of the crypto market and as an unlicensed money transfer business in the United States.

BMA wants BitMEX emails to be retained

BitMEX mocks the plaintiffs with the words “Admitted to the Seychelles, come to me, brother”.
BitMEX mocks the plaintiffs with the words “Admitted to the Seychelles, come to me, brother”.

In a file released on June 9, the BMA estimated that Twilio has approximately 30,000 email records related to BitMEX transactions.

BMA Attorney General Pavel Pogodin told Law 360: “BitMEX uses Twilio to communicate with all users on a daily basis“”

“Therefore, according to BitMEX, Twilio itself stores a database with the email addresses of all BitMEX users,” said Pogodin. “”It was a mistake for her to use the American company for this purpose while claiming the lack of personal jurisdiction of the courts of the United States and California“”

The Bitcoin Manipulation Abatement describes HDR Global Trading How A Seychelles-based shell company founded to claim that BitMEX is not subject to U.S. law.

The BMA file states that When they requested information about the operation of the company, they sent them a meme that was “registered in the Seychelles, come to me, brother”. written in an image by one of the founders of BitMEX.

According to the BMA, the subtext of the “cynical” response showed confidence that BitMEX, through its Seychelles-based parent company, could avoid jurisdiction over the United States.

BitMEX is accused of working in the United States without a license

The record states that the BMA is trying to “keep a snapshot of the information, including data from the email addresses of certain users evidence of the defendants’ contacts with the forum and evidence that the defendants are operating an unlicensed money transfer business in the United States“”

The BMA claims that Until June 15, Twilio had ordered “temporary blocking of the deletion of BitMEX accounts”During the evaluation of the plaintiff’s application for storage, BitMEX can subsequently delete all email data of the USA stored on Twilio.

In response to requests to ensure data retention, the BMA states that Twilio “refused to recognize the defendants ‘duty to preserve the content of the users’ email database“and answered evasively.

Demand the BMA claims money laundering, Transfer fraud and violation of money transferand specify that BitMEX “was deliberately developed from scratch for this purpose involve, facilitate, help, initiate, advise, induce and / or procure a variety of illegal activities. “

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