Bitcoin’s history and future will be part of a digital conversation

The 18th edition of the #bslSeminar will be presented on Wednesday, August 25, under the title “Let’s talk about Bitcoin, the past, the present and the future”. Directed by Cristóbal Pereira, Executive Director of the Blockchain Summit Latam, these are digital rooms that have been maintained on the company’s YouTube channel.

In addition to addressing Pereira to talk about the past and future of Bitcoin in this special edition, there will be participation from Typson Sanches from Panda Group, Manuel Flores from Bitcoin Monterrey, Javier Bastardo from Satoshi in Venezuela and Diego Gurpegui from Improve-In.

With regard to this particular topic, Pereira mentioned to us that his presentation is essential as it “Bitcoin is the most important network in the entire cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystem on a global scale, not only because it was the first, but also for the security and decentralization of the network achieved, since it is the only one that has no company, foundation or well-known speaker behind it”.

Bitcoin’s history and future will be part of a digital conversation
Bitcoin’s history and future will be part of a digital conversation

Because of this very history that Bitcoin has behind it and its importance in the market, he added: “As well as being easy to understand and maintain, there are still many different positions related to the original network implemented by Satoshi Nakamoto. On the one hand, scalability, the ability to develop smart contracts, and on the other hand, data protection issues have dominated the main debates recently”.

In conclusion, due to the number of positions and positions being offered in the market, he mentioned the importance of covering the full history of the major cryptocurrency. “We know the different nuances that allow us to understand the present from the hand of these specialists I have invited and thus understand what we can expect for the future of the network. As the main network, it is important to publicize all of these debates that have been more technical, but in a way that we can all understand.”.

To follow this conversation You can participate here. The meeting begins on Wednesday, August 25th at 6:30 p.m. (-4 UTC).

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