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What is Fras Coin?

January 10, 2018

FRAS COIN is short for “Frasindo Rent”, it is a Self-Sustained Blockchain Incubator in a form of fully working car rental company, a supplier for ONLINE TAXI. Frasindo was authorized by the government as an official partner of UBER, GRAB, and GOCAR in Indonesia. Apart for Online Taxi, we also renting out the car to corporate (However for now, we will focusing to maintain the relation as Online Taxi Company Supplier).

FRAS COIN is a UTILITY TOKEN which backed by Real Assets, The assets is the cars and the wholecompany it self. FRAS COIN holders, is an unofficial representative of the main company.

FRAS COIN is released on top of ARDOR IGNIS STELLAR Blockchain, can be traded on coin exchange and NXT/ARDOR Asset Exchange. The usage of FRAS COIN on coin exchange will not cost transaction fee in IGNIS / STELLAR fee, however if you use it on your ARDOR IGNIS or STELLAR wallet, then you will need sufficient amount of coins for the transaction fee. IGNIS is a childchain and native currency of ARDOR Blockchain; While LUMENS (XLM) is the native currency of STELLAR Blockchain.


FRAS COIN will be release on multiple blockchainplatform, currently are available on ARDOR IGNIS and STELLAR.At the beginning of Frasindo Crowdsale, Supporters will be asked to choose 1 from the several blockchainplatform available, then FRAS COIN will be sent to your wallet on the blockchain you choose.

Total Fras Coin in circulation

FRAS COIN will always have total coin supply of 100,000,000 FRAS (One Hundred Million) and having 8 decimals.

This FIXED total coin supply will make sure the coin is DEFLATIONARY, meaning the coin will only rise in value, and keep decreasing over time (we hear a lot, that some people mistakenly dump the coin or forgot passphrase or lost the wallet, or send to wrong address without owner.)

Get Fras Coin

You can BUY FRAS COIN through FRASINDO SHOP in this website during INITIAL CROWDSALE, however IF the FRAS COIN is not fully sold out during initial Crowdsale, then there will be another Periodically Crowdsale in every few months, to finish up the FRAS COIN in reserves pool.


When buying FRAS COIN through FRASINDO SHOP, you will be asked automatically to create an ARDOR / STELLAR WALLET, or use your Existing ARDOR / STELLAR Wallet. This process is working on client side.

  • Upon CREATING NEW ARDOR WALLET, please print your ARDOR PAPER WALLET and secure it somewhere safe. The FRAS COIN you bought will be sent to this walletaddress.
  • Upon using your EXISTING ARDOR WALLET, please to NEVER WROTE any SECRET PASSPHRASE, Frasindo teamWILL NEVER ask for any SECRET PASSPHRASE or PRIVATE-KEY. Don’t be fraud by someone using our name.

Coin Dividend that FRASINDO Give?

Depends on the asset you hold, there are several UTILITY TOKEN to be release by Frasindo throughout the Roadmap expansions, however the FRAS COIN is the key of all expansions, so we give FRAS COIN special care.

How do I get coin dividend?

As easy as hoard your coins on your own ARDOR / STELLAR Wallet, or 3th party Wallet. Frasindo share dividend in monthly basis, and release the reports on FRASINDO MEDIA. The coin dividend may fluctuates depends on the company performance each month, luck factor, recruitment, and crimes also take effect.

The coin dividend to be released in the form of buyback FRAS COIN from the coin markets, to preserve the coin value or pump it.

FRAS Holder get the 10% coins of all company expansions?

FRAS COIN are the mother-project, it is the important-key

and being promised 10% coins of all company expansions. FRAS COIN holders in total, will be given the 10% of each assets to be release, without the need for FRAS Holders to buy the assets. Those 10% of each new assets will be shared in fair percentage depends on how many FRAS assets you hold.

FRAS Holder can do what ever they like with the new assets/coins they got, and entitled to new coin assets dividend too.

The new assets/coins will have its own Crowdsale and ICO by its own, with the remaining 90%stake.

About KYC Policy (Know Your Customer)

We do the KYC only to some Frasindo Assets that needs it, in related to the governmentregulations, that is if requires it. We would avoid fuzzy if not necessary, besides it’s honoring investors privacy. We will fully abide to any govermnent regulations However, the coin frasindo releases are UILITY TOKEN that may not need KYC.

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