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Latium: The New Employment System

December 10, 2017

Some experts in the field of employment spread out a rather controversial prediction that in the near future robots and artificial intellect will replace human workers and leave millions of people without means of survival. Well, no one is able to tell what the future holds for us, but the contemporary reality contradicts the mentioned statement. Despite the enormous technological progress that has taken mankind to the new level of communication and socialrelationships, the number of jobs and paid tasks has radically increased over the last decade. There is always something to be done, whether it is a delivery job, a crowd shot for a movie or a marketingcampaign. However, the system that encompasses job posting, application, interviewing, hiring, reimbursement, and feedback is still full of flaws and imperfections. But there is one platform that promises to solve all these issues. It is called Latium. Take a minute of your time and visit and get yourself acquainted with their groundbreaking concept.

What is Latium

Latium is a unique platform that was created by David Johnson, a talented entrepreneur and co-founder of and, and Matthew Carden, a seasoned specialist in the area of finance and trade. The current design of Latium is not based solely on blockchain technology, mainly due to the fact that it still has many problems, such as high latency and slow query approval. That’s why Latium is a platform that’s comprised of a mixture of datacenter servers and blockchain technology. However, the developers promise that the platform will make a shift towards being fully blockchain-based in the near future.

The main purpose of Latium is to create a system that will allowusers to handle tasks which will be carried out and monitored within the Latium ecosystem. The beauty of this platform is that with its help any person can assign a task to one or even thousand applicants at once. The examples of a delivery job (one person task) and a crowd shot, or a participation in a flash mob (a multi-performer job) are quite illustrative.

Latium will allow dealing with both digital (attraction of online traffic, freelancer jobs, online advertisement, etc.) and offline (participation in certain events, counseling, data entry, social services, etc.) tasks of variousscale and complexity.

How Latium works

The principle of work of Latium is based on a reputation system that is not based on human trust or subjective opinion but rather on real data about user’s performance or reliability and a sophisticated algorithm.

All phases of work, from task posting to its completion, will involve QR codes, GPS coordinates, and LATX (Latium tokens). The entire hiring-task completion scheme will look like this:

  • The employer posts a job offer via Latium app.
  • The potential candidates receive notifications (or they can look for an available job using search option) about the job and apply by sending a proposal, cover letter, files with work portfolio, etc.
  • When the job is completed, the employee scans the QR code and receives the payment in LATX after employer’s approval. All payments are carried out immediately. Latium tokens can be used for operations within the platform or converted to fiat or other cryptocurrencies.

Latium will bring significant changes to job market – it will not only expedite the processes of hiring and job delivery but also eliminate the arrears in payment and, what’s more important, introduce a reliable rating system. Visit and start hiring in a new way.

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