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‘Is Crypto Mining The Public?’ Goldbugs Tell Media Gold Will Be Great Again

December 31, 2017

Bearish mainstreamfinance figures have begun forecasting a consumer return to gold once Bitcoin “uncertainty” dents their confidence.

Bitcoin ‘Uncertainty’ Will Prompt Gold Return

In two separate interviews on pro-Bitcoin CashnewsmedianetworkCNBC, Gartman Letter founder Dennis Gartman and goldmining CEO Sean Boyd both tipped the precious metal to ultimately benefit from Bitcoin fluctuations. Boyd noted:

I think, over time, the question will be: are these cryptocurrencies and the developers of these cryptocurrencies just mining the public? […] Gold investors will come back when uncertainty creeps back into the market.

His comments came following two appearances by Gartman on the network, during which he both championed gold’s appeal and rubbished Bitcoin, calling it “one of the silliest things I’ve ever heard.” On the network’s Futures Now segment, Gartman commented:

When bitcoin falls, and it shall, it’ll trade under $5,000. […] Whether it does it next week, next year, six months from now, it’ll happen. And then I think we’ll find at the marginmoney that had moved into bitcoin and away from gold will move away from bitcoin and into gold.

Bitcoin Prices Keep Dividing

Bitcoin Prices Keep Dividing

Gold industrysources had previously complained about the lack of interest from traders who had been “distracted” by Bitcoin, as one put it to Bloomberg in November.

Aside from a separate narrative involving CNBC’s seemingly concerted efforts to warn consumers off Bitcoin in favor of Bitcoin Cash, negative outlooks on Bitcoin’s price came as the virtual currency came off all-time highs.

A curious dichotomy has appeared on the topic of Bitcoin’s priceexpectations in 2018, with wildly optimistic forecasts from cryptocurrency advocates contrasting with continuing warnings of a bubble from mainstreamsources.

Bitcoinistreportedvarious figures being entertained by the financeindustry December 31, with spreads being noticeably wide.

TenX co-founder Julian Hosp forecast anywhere between $5000 and $60,000, while FXStreet Analyst Tomas Salles guessed a more exacting $8,073 to $89,750.

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