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How to earn GAS by holding NEO [GUIDE]

December 30, 2017

Hello steemians!

Today I wrote to you about the altcoinNEO.

NEO is an altcoin defined by many as “the new ethereum” because it implements the “Smart Contract” technology. It also has low and very fast transaction fees. Neo is a coin with a total supply of 100 million pieces (but there are only 65 million in circulation) and it’s not mineable.

A good feature of NEO is that if you hold it in your wallet you will be able to earn free the “GAStoken! Gas is a token with a supply of around 13 million pieces that you can sell on an exchange as!

  1. To start buy NEO, it’s possible to but it on binance or bittrex;
  2. Download the neonwallet, here:;
  3. Open it.
  4. Now you have to click on “Create a new wallet:

  5. Choose a passphare to encrypt your private key:

  6. Choose a name for your wallet and click on “Save Key”:

  7. Click on “back” and “Login using a saved wallet;
  8. Choose your wallet and click “login”:

  9. At this point copy your NEO address and send the coins from the exchange (or another wallet)


It depends on how many NEO you have in your wallet. You can calculate how much gas you will earn on this site or from this app for Android.

In any case if you, for example, have 100 NEO, you can earn around 10 GAS per year.

N.B. You can earn gas if you leave your NEO on binance, it’s explained here. Don’t hold your NEO on bittrex otherwise you will not get GAS.

Thanks for reading.

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If you notice ungrammatical English, I’m sorry. I’m still studying English.

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