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GOOD NEWS! Bitcoin Futures trading seems to be stabilizing its volatility.

December 10, 2017

The CBOE was the first to introduce bitcoin futures as products today and even if they won’t allowpeople to take short positions initially (and with hiked margin requirements of minimum of 40-50%, which is much higher than just about any other asset) the futures contracts is to be cash-settled based on the auction price of bitcoin in dollars on the Gemini exchange.

It seems to be stabilizing them around the 16000$ (+-1000$)

with a growth rate of under 5% (more realistically manageable, less bubble-like)

Decreasing the volatility that has been so common with Bitcoin during the last year of growth.

Bitcoin values stabilizing, should promote growth in the long term.

3 month trading for futures is at 20000$ which is a really good sign.

I assume the reason is that with a more stabilized value, bitcoin is now a much more attractive currency to use.

(price fluctuations cause headaches for vendors) Expect more vendors to start eyeing Bitcoin as a viable currency.

Perhaps Steam will reverse its recent decision to drop the cryptocurrency and start again accepting Bitcoinpayments again now that Bitcoinvalue is becoming less volatile.

These opinions are my own.

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