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EtherTanks just launched! Cryptokitties but with tanks!

December 30, 2017

EtherTanks is a new game that continues the trend of dApp games like Cryptokitties, Ethermon and the unreleased

The game works in a similar way to the previously mentioned sites, you load up a MetaMask wallet with some ETH and use it to buy virtual tanks. Each tank has various stats that will be used in battles when the feature becomes available on the 14th of January, with the marketplace opening a week earlier on the 7th.

At the moment you can buy a tank and recieve a share of the profits when other people buy the same tank, however the price of said tank goes up with each purchase. You can cash out the profits at any time (you still keep your tank), I recommend using 5 gwei for the transaction fee to keep costs down.

I’ve made a nice profit already but it’s a case of the early adopters getting the best returns so be warned!

All in all it’s great to see blockchains being used for games, I strongly believe that we will see a dApp game that rockets into mainstream popularity next year. EtherTanks may or may not be the one but these games are starting to look more professional and function better with each one that comes out. To think this all started with some digitalkitties!

Check out the smart contract here:

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