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Create Your Own Blockchain within 3 Years (Tutorial-1:-The Formula ie, Vitamin Capsule for BlockChain)

December 10, 2017

This Article is to help like minded people to create their own new Block Chain after gaining thorough knowledge (At the same time I am also open to receive the knowledge that peopleshare to me). I will study and teach each nook and corner of Block-chain technology here in this platform. So I will explain even the very basics which will be usually considered as off-topic since (but) for a newbie it will be very useful. I want to say that I am not a tech giant. I don’t know programming. I don’t know mathematics even though I knew maths (above average) during school days before several years.


I like to share the popular explanation that lot of people in internet is sharing about block chain technology simply in keywords. Block-chain – blocks (ledger) – keys (private and public) – SHA 256 algorithm – Merkle Tree – ECDSA (Eliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm) – peer to peer network.

I am not giving any explanation about the above keywords since I have no depth of knowledge about it right now. But anyhow I read some Articles on few websites and assumed that ECDSA is the only thing that we need to know mathematically to create a block chain, their is a formula in it like y square = x cube + ax + c. This formula is the key for creating a block chain.

But to touch this formula we may need the knowledge about modular arithmetic and I guess some thing called discrete mathematics etc. Consider the knowledge that I share only as a clue (do self inquiry/analysis) and their by to increase your knowledge. I wish to evolve in this block chain world with the clue that I got and that is y square = x cube + ax + c. Come, let us evolve together. Tomorrow I may teach the very fundamental mathematics that is necessary to touch the above mentioned formula.

I have a big hypothetical question also, where the block chain data will exist if suppose the wholeworldlost the internet connection because of some natural calamities and all the computers are disconnected from the internet for at-least a very short duration of time? If anybody has answer for this question, please write down in comment section.

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