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Again red flags on using EtherDelta – Move Out to Other Spots.

December 30, 2017

I wrote lately about DNS address hacked on ED, the site went back 2 days ago but now there is even more red flags and strange things happening there.

To remind EtherDelta is top Ethereumtokensexchangeright now fully decentralized.

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After site got back it was said it changed owners and now theres an ICO running on it.

It is possible there is some shady contract running on ED right now – its suggested to move all funds out and change addresses.

Check what you have there and withdrawal if possible:

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## FUD ?

Hard to say but its better to be safe than sorry. I personally have moved out everything using the tools and methods above. If you didnt make [Bittrex]( account on time then still **[Binance]( and [KuCoin]( have registrations open** and no IDs needed, loads of tokens on this exchanges together.

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