Bitcoin Tuesday is trying to raise $ 1 million for charity

Bitcoin Tuesday, a cryptocurrency-based charity event by The giving blocktried at least to increase Donate $ 1 million today and for the rest of December. Fundraising target turns Bitcoin Tuesday at one of the largest cryptocurrency-based charity events in history.

The Giving Block has partnerships with more than 120 nonprofits and 30 blockchain companies to lead the charity.

Some of the biggest names in the crypto space will be attending including:

  • Twins
  • Ledger
  • Block folio
  • Manufacturer
  • Celsius network
  • Flexa
  • 0x
Bitcoin Tuesday is trying to raise $ 1 million for charity
Bitcoin Tuesday is trying to raise $ 1 million for charity

Along with many other blockchain companies They help charities raise Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrency donations before the holidays.

Some of the charities that accept donations for Bitcoin Tuesday include:

  • Save the children
  • American Cancer Society
  • WaterAid America
  • Foundation for Economic Education
  • Stack up
  • Center for the monitoring of equity
  • No child is hungry

Bitcoiners are committed to social well-being and This is an opportunity to make a practical difference beyond deciding to break into the financial system. It is an opportunity to help save the children or promote justice before the law through the Center for Policing Equity.

Your donation could go to Trees for the Future;; Fresh water for Uganda; offer senior meals or find pets in rural America. There are over 100 participating charities, each of which would appreciate your support.

The Giving Block told Cointelegraph that Bitcoin will see Tuesday 2020 “1,000% Growth in Nonprofits Accepting Cryptocurrency Donations”.

According to The Giving Block:

“All of our charities accept more than BTC. Bitcoin is paramount, but you can donate any currently supported cryptocurrency on Gemini.”

You believe that too Non-profit organizations themselves can help with the introduction of cryptocurrencies by giving users the ability to donate through digital assets:

“Nonprofits are adding crypto as an option on their website and platforms, asking for crypto gifts in their communications, and posting information about crypto on social media. This brings their core audiences into the crypto space, which is invaluable.”

Cointelegraph is also attending the event and is partnering with The Giving Block to produce a charity “Crypto Trivia” with top personalities in the blockchain space, which will take place on Thursday December 10th.

You can donate cryptocurrency to your favorite charity by visiting The Giving Block website. Select the organization you want to support and donate your crypto to a good cause now.

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