Bitcoin SV “trains” China’s largest developer community

The Bitcoin SV Association threw a ‘Bitcoin SV developer zone‘in connection with the China Software Developer Network (CSDN).

CSDN is the largest developer community in the country and it has 31 million users. The area offers teaching material for beginners and experienced developersas well as tools for developing BSV applications. Written and video content begins on July 28th and online conferences and presentations take place twice a week.

The two organizations will work together to produce BitcoinSV DevCon 2020: The China event takes place in late August. This event lasts two days and is the first BSV developer conference in Chinese.

Bitcoin SV “trains” China’s largest developer community
Bitcoin SV “trains” China’s largest developer community

CSDN has similar educational partnerships with Amazon Web Services, Baidu, Google, Huawei, IBM, Microsoft, and Tencent.

Education is a “basic pillar”

The President of the Bitcoin Association, Jimmy NguyenHe said developer training was “An important pillar in the Bitcoin Association’s strategy to drive global business using the Bitcoin SV blockchain.”. The BA director in China, Lise Lihe added:

“Not only are we meeting the demand from our local user base for new opportunities for self-development and education, but we are providing developers across China with a platform to learn more about this emerging technology and how it can be used to promote new ideas Innovations. “

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