Bitcoin price will “skyrocket” when Biden wins, and rise more slowly under Trump

Cointelegraph Markets: Paul Tudor Jones. Has your Bitcoin investment started a new bull cycle?

Max Keizer: First, We have to go back to the Genesis block and understand that everything that happened and will happen when Bitcoin was created at that moment and the world and our species have changed forever.. It also understands that Bitcoin is shaping our world around its protocol in ways that most don’t understand, but that all can’t stop. In this regard, on January 3, 2009, it became clear that the genius of protocol would reach and convince people like Paul Tudor Jones.

Like you said last week He has become more optimistic after studying Bitcoin and it is the first time in his career that he has come across an asset that he is buying to protect himself against the carnage of rampant inflation that is “for humanity”.. Understand the paradox of the protocol. Understand, as Michael Saylor does now (after rejecting Bitcoin for years), that Bitcoin is in control.

The changes in humanity are set in motion and cannot be stopped. As Bitcoin rearranges people’s thoughts and consciousnesses, these changes are permanent.

Bitcoin price will “skyrocket” when Biden wins, and rise more slowly under Trump
Bitcoin price will “skyrocket” when Biden wins, and rise more slowly under Trump

Were you surprised by the news that PayPal is entering the bitcoin and cryptocurrency space?

Max noOn a. PayPal, like all companies, recognized faster than others that Bitcoin posed an existential threat to their business and that ignoring it would mean the business would cease.

Do you think it’s fair compensation that keeps users in control of their money, just like the Libra would?

Max Keizer: PayPal’s attempt to restrict Bitcoin doesn’t work because of competition in $ SQ and elsewhere it will force them to fill up with bitcoin or die. This also applies to the scales. This applies to CBDCs (digital currencies issued by the central bank) and to countries like Venezuela that have dropped their Petro and are now switching entirely to a Bitcoin position. The situation is different in China.

The Chinese will no longer use Bitcoin fully and that is their Achilles heel. “

At the moment China is embarking on a V-shaped recovery in its unique post-covid economy (the only G20 country to achieve this), they are arrogant and blind to what will happen when the US and others Bitcoin take over completely. It’s similar to the 1980s and 1990s when Japan was ready to take over the world economy but did not take the internet fast enough and the United States quickly re-established world domination. China believes it has all the cards, but without betting entirely on Bitcoin, they become vulnerable to countries that do.

Is the news about the acceptance of BTC payments increasing the price or is the value of Bitcoin increasing mainly because it is increasingly perceived as a store of value?

Max Keizer– The role of payments (i.e. medium of exchange) occurs after Bitcoin is set up as an SOV. A point that Roger Ver, Craig Wright and Calvin Ayre never understood and why their BCH and BSV projects are becoming increasingly useless compared to BTC (they completely misunderstood the BTC white paper). BTC is currently still establishing itself as an SOV.

I’ve said many times that I think the transition involving the MOE use case will likely come after BTC starts pulling gold out of the SOV picture at around $ 100,000 per BTC. By the way, a warning to gold advocates an attack on BTC. Look what happened to Peter Schiff. By not allowing BTC to change its mindset, it is sabotaging itself and appears to be in real trouble. This is the fate that awaits everyone who wants to mess with Bitcoin.

In June, you said Peter Schiff would buy bitcoin for $ 50,000. Is the price still the same?

Max Keizer: Yes. I assume that the combination of your corporate bankruptcy and your legal fees will force you to finally succumb to reality and come to Bitcoin with your tail between your legs and ask for forgiveness. By then, it will cost around $ 50,000 per BTC.

Proponents of gold say gold will prevail regardless of who wins the US election. Who do you think is better for Bitcoin: Biden or Trump? How is Bitcoin likely to react to the election results next month?

Max Keizer: A Biden victory means a victory for corruption and the “deep state”. So I would expect the price of Bitcoin to skyrocket if people panic and buy non-seizeable Bitcoin before Biden’s socialist thugs start seizing everything in a rerun of Kristallnacht of 1938.

With Trump, the US has a chance to have a more orderly tradition for Bitcoin, so the price would rise more slowly.

Michael Saylor said he bought Bitcoin to protect cash reserves from “melting” like an ice cube. Do you think Google, Amazon, etc. Will they get similar insights?

Max Keizer: Yes. The spirit of inflation is out of the bottle and the money is rubbish. But what’s important here is that Michael Saylor went against prevailing wisdom to buy back his own stock, a move that took advantage of the reckless printing of funds by the Federal Reserve and instead, essentially against the Fed in the US by introducing Bitcoin War is going on. , an asset meant to destroy the Fed.

As the Genesis block made clear with a “Chancellor on the verge of a second bailout”, Bitcoin was conceived as the killer of the central bank. Michael Saylor has recognized this and understands that he must be on the right side of history or be smashed. All companies in the world will face the same decision. Do they support central banks or do they want to survive and thrive in a post-central bank world?

Do you think another “bloody Thursday” for the markets and Bitcoin can happen again?

Max Keizer: Volatility is the price we pay for distinctive and uncensored hard money, so I applaud it.

You were one of the first to report on Bitcoin. But who influenced you the most when it comes to Bitcoin?

Max Keizer: I have a proprietary technology for digitally scarce money (US Patent 5950176) that was secured in 1996. So I would say that at the time, it was my job to create digital money for my start-up, the Hollywood Stock Exchange, that got me started off of Bitcoin.

Is understanding Bitcoin an ever-evolving process? Bitcoin is often referred to as a new, increasingly self-conscious type of entity. Can you talk a little more about it

Max Keizer: Bitcoin was born as a spontaneous way of life that emerged from our global collective consciousness as a defense mechanism against predatory central banks. Jamie Dimon is a parasite like a tapeworm, and our species had no defense. With God’s help, together we wanted Bitcoin to exist to combat fiat money, fractional reserve banking, and Keynesian debt money propaganda.

What company or person has done the most for Bitcoin in terms of adoption in recent years?

Max Keizer: The biggest driver of adoption was financial terrorists on Wall Street and at the central banks. The more they print, the more people flee towards individual sovereignty and bitcoin.

How do you see the popular stock-to-flow model (created by planB) and what does it say to those who don’t believe its price assumptions, like $ 288,000 in this halving cycle?

Max Keizer: S2f is an analysis tool that some people like, like me. It’s like doing a technical analysis and reading a chart. Some people like TA and swear by it. Some don’t. There is no evidence that TA has any better predictive power than flipping a coin. Same goes for S2f, but everyone has their fans for different reasons.

These tools are useful for organizing your thoughts and envisioning prices, trends, etc. People like different analytical tools for different reasons.

Ultimately, the only thing that matters is that bitcoin has no cap because fiat money has no bottom.

What do you think causes the hash rate versus the price lag that you recently said has a BTC value of $ 35-50,000?

Max Keizer: The lag in price versus hash rate is partly due to shitcoins clouding the water. When the dominance of BTC increases, this annoying noise will go away and we will see the price catch up with the hash rate.

What do you think about the future of DeFi?

Max Keizer– DeFis are mostly repackaged ICO scams. Better avoid them.

Are you planning to have Saifedean Ammous on the Keizer Review or the Orange Pill Podcast? What do you think of his idea of ​​”fiat life” (food, art, etc.) compared to living on a Bitcoin standard?

Max Keizer: Saifedean and “The Bitcoin Standard” took the industry to a higher base camp to conquer Mount Everest for money. Yes. It will surely return to KR and OPP.

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