BITCOIN PEER TO PEER is the second most cited source by authors in research, according to a study by the University of Malaga

A comprehensive analysis of the main sources in 2015-2019 on tax regulation for the crypto ecosystem and blockchain development has been presented by a group of researchers from the University of Malaga.

The study shows that CONFERENCE NOTES COMPUTER SCIENCE appears as the most cited local work by authors in 124 research papers while BITCOIN PEER TO PEER Satoshi Nakamoto is the second most widely cited source by authors with the citation in 112 research papers. magazine FORBES appears in third place with 69 articles.

The researchers concluded to????Computer Law Security Review (CLSR) “ of Elsevier is the most relevant source for the entire selected sample with 15 articles and 197 citations on tax regulation in blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

BITCOIN PEER TO PEER is the second most cited source by authors in research, according to a study by the University of Malaga
BITCOIN PEER TO PEER is the second most cited source by authors in research, according to a study by the University of Malaga

“Tax Regulation for Blockchain and Cryptocurrency: The Impact on Open Innovation”was the public document presented by Andrea Peláez Repiso, Pablo Sánchez Nözéz and Yolanda Garcá Calvente, who are part of the Finance and Tax Law Department of the Law School of the Spanish University.

The main aim of the work was to clarify the status of the studies carried out by various actors in society regarding the scope of blockchain technology and its tax implications for startups in this sector.

Methodology used

The researchers say they performed a bibliometric analysis of 349 research articles, analyzing 343 articles published during the above research period., based on the results in the Web of Science (WoS).

To conduct their study, they used the Software R Package Bibliometrix to search for research in the Web of Science database, a platform of Clarify analyticsYes, Consisting of a large collection of bibliographic databases, citations and references from scientific publications in all disciplines of knowledge, science, technology, art, social sciences and humanities.

The R Package Bibliometrix software is an open source toolkit for quantitative research in Scientometry and Bibliometrics that includes all major bibliometric analysis methods. It is used by researchers from the fields of social research, data science, Internet of Things logistics and artificial intelligence, among others.

The researchers used key terms related to blockchain development, virtual currency, tax regulations, and legal issues or financial markets, among other things.. The researchers found that most of the results were adjusted to the specified study period, with 343 matches adjusted to the search criteria.

The work of the researchers is the first of its kind that allows to know exactly the largest bibliographic reference available to date related to taxes and legal regulations adapted to the cryptographic ecosystem and blockchain development in general.

Research grows with interest

The results of the study showed an exponential growth in research in the field of tax regulation in blockchain and cryptocurrencies.. From 8 articles published in 2015 on this topic, the researchers found a total of 177 research articles from the normative and legal field for 2019, a growth of 116.88%.

In addition, the results of the study show that 37.8% of the work on tax regulation in blockchain and cryptocurrencies carried out in the period 2015-2019 was carried out by individual authors.

“The study showed that articles in scientific journals (193) and communications in conferences / congresses (118) are the preferred types of documents,” the report concludes.

Most important academic and scientific sources

The study shows, among its conclusions, that the LAW AND INFORMATIVE SECURITY REVIEWA is the most relevant academic and scientific resource on blockchain tax regulation and the development of cryptocurrencies, with 15 articles published.

Second place of EUROPEAN JOURNAL ON PRIVATE LAW with seven studies he points to the in 3rd position BALTIC JOURNAL FOR ECONOMIC STUDIES with six studies.

The podium of the five best academic and scientific sources on tax regulation in blockchain and the development of cryptocurrencies, the RUSSIAN JOURNAL ON CRIMINOLOGY with 5 studies and finally the UBIQUITA INFORMATICS AND THE INTERNET OF THINGS with the same number of published studies.

Kshetri’s work [14], “The role of blockchain in strengthening cybersecurity and protecting privacy” it is the most comprehensive document cited. The manuscript describes the implications of blockchain and cryptocurrency policies.

Russia dominates scientific production

Russia has the largest number of research authors on the subject of study, with a maximum of 50 contributions submitted by authors residing in or being a national of that country. In second place is the United States with 41 publications, while the United Kingdom closes the podium with 25 publications.

In addition, Russia has the world’s highest frequency of scientific production by the country of affiliation to tax regulation in blockchain and cryptocurrencies with 159 frequencies, followed by the United States with 115 frequencies and the United Kingdom with 62 frequencies in third place.

For researchers, the interdisciplinary nature of this legal area (tax regulation in cryptocurrencies and blockchain) with other research areas such as social sciences and computer science is a notorious fact in all research consulted.

Finally, the study concludes by pointing out that â ????Blockchain technology is becoming an essential element to strengthen and support open innovation in many ways.

However, he notes that the study has highlighted the lack of cooperation between countries that can arise because it is a discipline that is implemented day in and day out, as well as the possible lack of international legal and tax harmonization to achieve this can work with this new technology between different research scenarios.

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