Bitcoin is regaining positions in major Latin American markets

With the frenzy of introducing Bitcoin as legal tender in El Salvador, Bitcoin’s price has gradually recovered after a week of ups and downs before the weekend began.

With that in mind, let’s consider how the main asset of the crypto market behaves in the markets of Latin America after the region attracted worldwide attention due to the unprecedented event in the small Central American nation.


The price of Bitcoin in the southern cone nation has regained ground, since our last post a week ago about the price on the local exchange Ripio, + 3.90%.

Bitcoin is regaining positions in major Latin American markets
Bitcoin is regaining positions in major Latin American markets

At the time of this writing, the price of Bitcoin in Ripio to buy the digital asset is 6,048,455.72 Argentine Pesos (ARS), up 1.01% over the past 24 hours.


In the coffee country, the price of Bitcoin is also recovering positions like the rest of the market. With an intraday increase of + 3.1%, the asset price in Colombia is around 133,999,662 Colombian Pesos (COP) according to the price indicator.


In Mexico, the price of Bitcoin follows the general trend of the cryptocurrency market. Bitso is signaling a +1.47 percentage point rebound in Bitcoin price for the time being to trade at 743,412.29 Mexican Pesos (MXN).


In the Inca nation, the reference price of Bitcoin on the exchange is around 144,926 Peruvian Soles (PEN), up + 1.2% in the last 24 hours.

With this recovery, the leading cryptocurrency in the market has already moved into green territory at + 0.3% over the past seven days.


In the oil nation, the price of Bitcoin continues to rise. On this occasion, the asset price in Venezuela on the world’s leading P2P portal Localbitcoins is around 115 billion Sovereign Bolivars (VES), an increase of + 2.61% in just seven days.

The saviour

In the Central American nation known this week for the legal launch of the ecosystem’s leading cryptocurrency, a bitcoin can be purchased for an average of $ 37,250 on the Localbitcoins P2P exchange.

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