“Bitcoin is a new countervailing power against the almighty states”

In a video titled “Why does the government want to increase its control over Bitcoin?” and that was featured on his YouTube channel, the famous Spanish economist Juan Ramón Rallo He expressed his vision of the new tax reform that the Spanish government is implementing in front of his audience.

Referring specifically to this reform of tax laws, which, as already mentioned in Cointelegraph, will, among other things, focus on operations with cryptocurrencies that the Spaniards have, Rallo said this was a sign that the Spanish government was seeking greater control over the wealth of its citizens.

In view of this scenario, the Austrian-influenced economist recalled that the states, not just Spain, currently have excessively high levels of debt and that this is a “increased need for seizure of citizens’ wealthTo settle their bills. “”In the next few decades we will move to a much confiscating tax regime due to the high level of national debt”Said Rallo literally about his future visions at the tax level.

Bitcoin and its confiscating impossibility

“Bitcoin is a new countervailing power against the almighty states”
“Bitcoin is a new countervailing power against the almighty states”

Given this scenario of increasing “state confiscation” of citizens, Rallo explains that we will see how “Assets that are resistant to state seizure are revalued“, Reference to Bitcoin, He also mentioned that this demand, along with their limited emissions system, will cause the price to rise with the future of time.

However, Rallo stressed that he expected a Bitcoin that is increasingly taxed, although he notes this, Given the inability to seize holdings in Bitcoin, the state is expected to convert to Bitcoin. “in the tax base to generate a tax collection in euros”.

“”They are trying to contain Bitcoin so that it is not an escape route from state parasitismRallo came to emphasis later, although he made that clear Governments cannot tax bitcoin holdings of their own accord, as the bitcoin system is a pseudonym and citizens need to communicate about their bitcoin holdings themselves.

“”It is a helpless appeal for the victim to cooperate with the executioner“Came almost at the end to mention the economist Rallo, to make clear the idea that the government needs the voluntary cooperation of the citizens and added as a consequence that”Bitcoin is a new countervailing power against almighty states”.

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