Bitcoin futures appear to be looking to increase their presence in Latin America

The way the traditional stock market works has been constantly changing, the inclusion of cryptocurrencies in exchanges is a fact in several parts of the world today, and the benefits for stockbrokers and investors are part of the market and therefore an option to include in the investment portfolio. In Latin America, the inclusion of Bitcoin derivative products is already a fact and it seems that their price will be implemented in Argentina.

Argentina is one of the Latin American countries with the most use of cryptocurrencies, but it is not one of the main exchanges for introducing cryptocurrency derivatives on the exchanges.

Nonetheless, it was announced that Matba Rofex, one of the most important investment funds in the South American country, has declared that there is an interest among Argentines in acquiring crypto assets and that this interest has grown steadily.

Bitcoin futures appear to be looking to increase their presence in Latin America
Bitcoin futures appear to be looking to increase their presence in Latin America

This implementation would be added to those already operating in countries like Brazil, Chile and Peru.. It was also announced that the Argentine authorities responsible in this area have already proposed to formulate the mechanisms that will make the operation possible, but there is still no answer.

Some of the special conditions for the operation are that investors must pay at least 30% of the contract value as collateral, in addition to keeping the open positions lower.

These maneuvers are due to the fact that the active accounts for the second quarter of this year in the Caja de Valores de Argentina only reach 73% of the total accounts recorded by the agency by the end of the fourth quarter. In this way, investing in cryptocurrencies in this country can create an opportunity to continue attracting customers who have become disconnected from the value system by operating with pesos, the uncertainty and devaluation of investments, and so keep growing the stock market.

Other markets

In Mexico it became known in early October through an interview on the official channel of the Mexican Stock Exchange.who are also in talks with the authorities to list Bitcoin futures on the stock exchange in this country.

In Brazil, contracts with Bitcoin derivatives are running and acceptance was great, according to local media. Likewise, you can operate on the Santiago Stock Exchange with Bitcoin contracts which, thanks to their agreement with the Toronto Stock Exchange, can be traded on both exchanges.

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