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Bitcoin could thrive despite the corona virus

May 15, 2020

CEO and co-founder of the Bitcoin (BTC) investment app Amber, Aleks Svetski believes the COVID-19 pandemic has raised awareness of Bitcoin.

“COVID was one of the best Bitcoin marketing campaigns in history”Svetski told Morgan Creek Digital co-founder Anthony Pompliano on May 13 in a podcast episode.

Corona virus has caused global insecurity

Since an official pandemic occurred in 2020, governmental measures to prevent coronaviruses have slowed business, an increase in unemployment and a decline in markets. The US Government Various measures have been taken to correct the economic collapse, including various funding tactics.

Bitcoin could thrive despite the corona virusBitcoin could thrive despite the corona virus

Svetski noted the invasion of smartphones and said he did not remember the transition period between “flip phones” and the full introduction of smartphones.. In the same way, Over the next decade, hesitation will shift public opinion to trust Bitcoin, he said..

Government tactics have created an illusion

The CEO said the government’s balanced economic tactics such as money printing and bailouts are not healthy. “We’re actually tearing society apart,” said Svetski.

While the major markets have recovered from their lows, the numbers continue to show rising unemploymentThis indicates a false sense of security compared to reality. “The mainstream and Wall Street are completely different,” Svetski postulated. “Maybe that makes people say, ‘I’ve already had enough.'”

The past few days have shown that a number of key individuals and companies have been interested in Bitcoin, including billionaire Paul Tudor Jones and JPMorgan Chase.

Despite all the uncertainties, Bitcoin still showed promising numbers and had $ 188 billion invested in February 2020.According to CoinMarketCap data.

Cointelegraph contacted Aleks Svetski via Amber for further details, but received no response at the time of publication. This article will be updated accordingly if a response is received.

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