BitConnect is a P2P bitcoinplatform, investment program and bitcointradingwebsite with multiple features. In this article we will focus only on the investment component of the platform, which certainly deserves a lot of attention from investors.

Website.BitConnect website was created considering the latest modern trends of web design. The site has a clear, uncluttered layout that allows users to quickly navigate around the site: site visitors will find all info needed for investing in the program. Latest bitcoin news, a lot of articles about bitcoin, and tutorial help members understand how the system works and how to make money with Bit Connect. The website is now available in over a dozen of languages.

How it works? BitConnect makes money from Bitcointrading as one of the major player in the market. The program allows its members to earn money by investing in pooled fund where automated trading Bot generate profit using volatility software and then share profit among the members. The interest rate on lending is calculated by Bit Connect bitcoin price volatility software and accrued daily.
Projected profit calculator, which is based on BitConnect volatility software and placed on the website, helps users to find out how much money they would earn working with Bit Connect.
What does Bit Connect offer?BitConnect offers four long-term investment plans. The details of each of them are presented below:
Plan 1: Up to 400% yearly, min/max deposit $100/$1000, 299 days term,
Plan 2: Up to 436% yearly, min/max deposit $1010/$5,000, 239 days term,
Plan 3: Up to 472% yearly, min/max deposit $5010/$10,000, 179 days term,
Plan 4: Up to 490% yearly, min/max deposit $10,010/$100,000, 120 days term.

Affiliate program.BitConnect has a multi-tier affiliate program with 7% reward of the deposits made by the first level referrals, 3% — from deposits of 2 level referrals, 1% — from 3, 4 level referrals. The revenue from other affiliate tiers ranges from 0,5% to 0,01%. You will receive affiliate bonus every time your referral make investment or reinvestment. Affiliate commission can be requested to withdraw instantly after its accrual.
Domain and Technical Details of the website inspire the trust and confidence. A good hosting server, licensed script, SSL certificate, DDoS protection are important indicators of reliability of the HYIP.
License script
Hosting and DDoS: New Dream Network, LLC, DDoS protect enable
COMODO SSL certificate: Valid from August 01, 2016 to August 02, 2017
Registered domain from February 09, 2016 to February 08, 2020
Support Service. You can get in touch with managers of Customer Support only via contact form. And, of course, don’t neglect FAQ section where most of commonly asked questions must have already been answered.
BitConnect is a peer-to-peer bitcoinplatform with very attractive investment opportunities. The HYIP has a high-qualitysite, reliable technical part, attractive tariff plans and generous affiliate reward. The project will appeal to investors who choose to work with stable operating and continually developing HYIPs. Although relatively long investment term may discourage some investors who prefer fast profit.

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