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Bison Trails announces support for the Celo platform

May 7, 2020

Bison Trails has announced support for Celo’s open network. This allows smartphone users to send cryptocurrencies directly to a phone number instead of a blockchain address.

Additional support means users can transfer value using Celo’s stable currency pegged to the US dollar on the Bison Trails platform.

Aaron Henshaw, co-founder and CTO of Bison Trails, told Cointelegraph:

“Bison Trails has a close relationship with the Celo team: we are members of the Celo Alliance for Prosperity and we are very familiar with Celo’s progress in working closely with his team since the beginning of protocol development. We have a unique perspective on the Zeal protocol and ecosystem. “

Celo integration to strengthen network security

Bison Trails announces support for the Celo platformBison Trails announces support for the Celo platform

The Celo technology system consists of three layers: Celo Blockchain, Celo Core Contracts and Application.

Henshaw praised Celo’s initial design decision to use Earned Value Management (EVM) (software based on the concept of assigning and determining values ​​for projects) and the Go-Ethereum protocol for the underlying node system.

Henshaw said that Integrating Celo into the Bison Trails platform will help secure and strengthen the network:

“Our goal is to use the validators and groups we have implemented to establish the standard for security, reliability and quality in the Celo network. Our infrastructure platform easily spins nodes across multiple cloud providers and regions for our customers. We have diversified Celo’s block production infrastructure that strengthens the network. “

Other supported protocols

Bison Trails has also announced support for Solana, an open source project that implements blockchain technology without permission, and the NuCypher protocol.

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