Think of the Spanish speaking community, Binance announced that it will offer 12 virtual meetings on topics related to blockchain and cryptocurrencies. This was reported by her official blog on September 8th.

The first meeting will take place on September 11th.

Binance will offer 12 virtual meetings on cryptocurrencies for Latin AmericaBinance will offer 12 virtual meetings on cryptocurrencies for Latin America

The organizers stated, “At Binance, we believe that education is key to driving the adoption of cryptocurrencies in Latin America We have organized 12 sessions with prominent speakers from the region to offer training sessions on cryptocurrencies, their uses and benefits to the entire Spanish-speaking community“”

“Our users can access these training sessions completely free of charge on YouTube,” they later added.

The following discussions are planned:

  1. Basics of cryptocurrency

  2. Passive Income With Cryptocurrencies: Fact or Fiction?

  3. Buy and sell cryptocurrencies in local currency

  4. Risk-Free Cryptocurrencies: Steps To Protect Your Funds

  5. Learning To Filter Information: How Do You Know Which Cryptocurrency Projects To Invest In?

  6. Basic trading

  7. Blockchain: what it is, what it is for and how it works

  8. Technical analysis versus fundamental analysis

  9. Margin trading

  10. Futures trading

  11. Mining: The Creation of Bitcoin

  12. Pay with cryptocurrencies in everyday life

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