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Binance Pool is now the largest Bitcoin SV miner

June 17, 2020

One year after Bitcoin SV’s withdrawal from the exchange in April 2019 The mining group operated by Crypto Exchange Binance now produces more blocks than anyone else.

According to the cryptocurrency service and statistics platform Coin Dance, Binance Pool has been the largest Bitcoin Block Miner Satoshi’s Vision (BSV) since June 16. Binance Pool is responsible for 26.39% of all mined BSV blocks, and Huobi’s mining department ranks second with 13.19%.

Latest Mining Pool Bitcoin SV Blocks (Today)

Binance Pool is now the largest Bitcoin SV minerBinance Pool is now the largest Bitcoin SV miner

Source: coin dance

BSV “did not meet the standards”

Binance was removed from the list and trading in all BSV trading pairs ceased in April 2019. The cryptocurrency exchange said that it regularly ensured that the digital assets listed on its platform were “high quality” and that the decision to remove the BSV “protected everyone better” [sus] User “.

However, The list was removed according to the CEO of Binance, Changpeng Zhao, Expressing outrage at self-proclaimed Satoshi Craig Wright, who awarded a $ 5,000 reward for doxing Hodlnaut, the Twitter user behind the Lightning Torch initiative.

In response, Zhao tweeted: “Craig Wright is not a Satoshi. If this shit happens again, we’ll remove it from the list! “

A few days later, Binance announced that it would no longer offer operations at BSV.

Will BSV be listed again? Maybe not

Something Twitter members I speculated BSV mining can be a prelude to putting the token back on the exchange::

Another Twitter user, AzhellTom, declared to have spoken directly with CZ, who stated that “other people [están] Use your group to reduce BSV “. However, this continues to mean that Binance benefits from the group’s commissions of around 2.5% of BSV mining.

The price of the BSV at the time of going to print is USD 175.42;; It fell 7.59% this week.