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Binance launches UK trading platform for institutional and retail investors

June 17, 2020

The big cryptocurrency exchange Binance will expand to the UK with a regulated cryptocurrency trading platform for institutional and retail investors.

With this platform Binance aims to take advantage of the institutional investment market and meet the growing demand for investments in digital assets in this area.

According to reports Binance is currently reviewing 65 digital assets that are to be listed on the stock exchange at the start. According to Reuters, investors can exchange these assets directly for pounds and euros.

Binance launches UK trading platform for institutional and retail investorsBinance launches UK trading platform for institutional and retail investors

As a regulated exchange, Binance’s trading platform is operated under the supervision of the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority.

The platform enables direct deposits and withdrawals of bank accounts via the British Rapid Payment Service and the network of the single euro payment area. This should make the trading experience on the platform more pleasant for all investors.

Teana Baker-Taylor, director of Binance UK, said thatWith maturity in the cryptocurrency market, Binance creates more investment opportunities for traders to enter the cryptocurrency market. They build “products that generate returns from participation, such as engagement and passive savings,” he added.

Increase in institutional investment in Binance

According to Binance, the platform has seen an increase in the number of institutional customersThis corresponds to an increase of 47% compared to the fourth quarter of 2019 with a simultaneous increase in trading volume.

Binance said the institutional volume in spot transactions increased by 113% in the first quarter of 2020. Futures investments also saw an increase of 217%. To this end, Taylor said:

“Interest and participation in the UK digital asset markets is increasing. not only in depth with its current participants, but also in breadth. “