On Wednesday, The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced the departure of William Hinman later this year.

Hinman joined the commission in 2017 and He is currently director of the SEC’s corporate finance department.. He also led the regulator’s initial work with digital assets, in the role of which he made important contributions to the discussion of Which cryptocurrencies are considered securities?. The ad says:

“Mr. Hinman led efforts to rapidly innovate digital assets, including by providing a framework by which market participants can judge whether digital assets are being offered and sold as securities.”

The SEC’s 2018 launch of FinHub, which focuses on digital assets, It was also seen as a Hinman initiative. Valerie Szczepanikwho began her tenure with the SEC as an advisor to Hinman, FinHub is currently running, in the role of which the industry has named it Crypto Czar.

Current MP Shelley Parratt will take over from Hinman when she leaves.