Bill Gates predicts what 2021 will look like and makes us aware of our immediate future

The tycoon has predictions about how the pandemic will play out this year and when it would return to normal.

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Bill Gates predicts what 2021 will look like and makes us aware of our immediate future
Bill Gates predicts what 2021 will look like and makes us aware of our immediate future

He , Computer science and philanthropist American, Bill Gates, was able to forecast about a Health crisis like the one that is currently being experienced due to Covid19. Later, fortune teller what would that be pharmaceutical in lStart the first dose. In the same way he has expressed something when the pandemic ends and what changes remain. Immediately he revealed how that 2021 and not all is encouraging.

The co-founder of Microsoft announced an article on his blog entitled “These Advances Will Make 2021 be better than 2020”In which he talks about the knowledge gained in the previous year just as we can expect 2021.

The first months of 2021 will be difficult

After some Computer modelsWe’re not out of the woods, the next few months could be the deadliest infection of Coronavirus, mostly because of the need to know more about that new variety of the virus that emerged, “which seems to spread faster but not more deadly”.

He alerted the matter of Covid-19 will continue to be in the political agenda from around the world, whose topic we will continue to hear very often. In fact, he mentioned that he estimates that most of his time will be spent this year talk to world leaders over Coronavirus and the same about him Climate change.

The great challenge of vaccine distribution for countries

Although the arrival of Vaccinations it was a big step que ha creado hope For all, who warns that the production and Mass distribution of Vaccinations It is going to be great Challenge for the Countries.

“Unfortunately there are still not many Factories where you can build products from MRNA. Some also need to be stored at Temperatures as low as -70 ºC, this makes it particularly difficult to distribute them in the Developing countriesalthough this is more like a Challenge of mechanical engineering as a barrier scientific”Says the businessman in his publication.

The good news is that noisy GatesThere will be representative changes in the way countries do this Testing what will be more economically and immediateTo transform yourself into something obsolete to those uncomfortable Testing”.

To find out more, Bill Gates estimates it will take us up to two years to get out of the pandemic

Not everything will be so bleak, throw messages of hope

That is, the businessman gave encouraging messages: “The People never have advanced more in none illness in a year that with the Covid-19 and in this sense the philanthropist Remember that the 2021 It will be a Year full of hope”.

“Still there two main reasons to have Hopes. One is that Expensivehe social distancing and other Interventions can Slow down the spread of the virus and save lives while vaccines are usedHe says in his article.

The second reason why do you have to be optimistic is this “In the spring of 2021, the vaccines and treatments you read about on the news will gradually reach the levels where they will have a global impact.” However, it will still be so necessary the existence of some Restrictionshe The number of cases will decrease sharply – “at least in rich countries” – and the Lifetime will be a lot closer to normal.

The expert added, “I think we can look back in a year and say that 2021 It was a improvement With respect to 2020The change may not be very big, but it will be a step ahead, remarkable and measurable for people all over the world, ”concludes the businessman in his article.

It’s not the first time Bill Gates Dare to do it predict what will happen in the following months or years. He An expert is usually right about his predictions. It is therefore not surprising that many pay attention to what he comments.

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