Big or small? The iPhone 12 Pro Max sells for 29,999 pesos

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Big or small? The iPhone 12 Pro Max sells for 29,999 pesos
Big or small? The iPhone 12 Pro Max sells for 29,999 pesos

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I just got that iPhone 12 mini and the iPhone 12 Pro max For your evaluation, I started testing them with the iPhone 12, 12 Pro, and iPhone SE. One is small while the other is huge, but I think the mini can be perfect.

Conclusion: There are now five iPhone 2020 options with different prices. There’s the iPhone SE (10,999 pesos for 64GB); the 12 mini (19,999 pesos for 64GB); the 12 (22,499 pesos for 64GB); the 12 Pro (27,499 pesos for 128GB) and the 12 Pro Max ($ 29,999 for 128GB). The iPhone 11 is still available at 16,999 Pesos for 64 GBlike the iPhone XR that I don’t recommend to anyone. That’s a lot of well-rated iPhone options.

iPhone 12 Mini: Small performance

I’ve been waiting for the iPhone 12 mini for what it feels like for years.
iPhone 12 Mini with a thumb across the screen
An iPhone that lets you reach your thumb all the way: Hallelujah / Image: PCMag

The phones are too big. They damage our brain, our pockets, and our society by turning into giant eddies that soak up all of our time and attention. In the crown year 2020 it got even worse. Last night, I sat on the couch for two hours, vaguely crawling around my huge phone.

A smaller phone speaks of a life outside of your phone, and it’s the kind of life we ​​need. Smaller phones can be used with one hand while the other hand is used to hold a child or a bag. You are walking in the fresh air, not huddled under the blanket with a large glowing screen to defend yourself against the world.
SE versus iPhone 12
SE vs iPhone 12 The iPhone SE (left) is no longer the smallest iPhone / picture: PCMag

There aren’t many smaller, higher quality phone options out there. The iPhone SE, which is the same size as the old iPhone 6, was really the flagship there. (There are also the Unihertz Jelly 2 and Palm phones, which are even smaller but don’t have premium processors and features.)

At 5.18 x 2.53 x 0.29 inches and 4.76 ounces, the iPhone 12 mini is even smaller than the iPhone SE. Its sharp-edged body feels new and modern – it is not made from recycled components. Yes, there is a piece of the iPhone 4 (and therefore the original SE) in the sharp right angle of its edges, but the unibody shape is much smoother and more seamless than it was in the iPhone 4 era.

The 5.4-inch (2,340 x 1,080) display has an extremely tight 477 ppi hue, which makes the text small but much sharper than on the iPhone SE’s 4.7-inch 326 ppi screen. This phone is not for those with tired eyes who need large print. is for people who are away from home and have other things to do than look at their phones. Without the SE’s huge top and bottom bezels, it has a lot more screen real estate than the SE (or the iPhone 8, 7, or 6). For example, the website has three more lines with small titles.
Tiny phone back
Like the iPhone 12, the Mini has a glossy back, so it’s a small fingerprint / Image: PCMag

According to Apple, it also has all the features of the iPhone 12: the same radio tapes, the same cameras, the same fast A14 processor. It’s just smaller and $ 100 cheaper. I will of course have to review these functions.

The first reviews of the Mini have now appeared, so I’m not going to invent the wheel here. Battery life seems to be the primary concern in many of these reviews. I ran a video streaming test overnight and the Mini was over 10 hours long, similar to the iPhone 12 and much better than what I got on the iPhone SE. The complaints seem to come from a mixed bag of scenarios so I’ll keep an eye on that.

My pandemic brain is telling me: Sink back on the couch. Don’t go out. Let yourself be captured by a big screen. Anyway, why do you need a free hand? But with this week’s vaccine news, it may be time to dare to dream.
Family back
From left: iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max / Image: PCMag

iPhone 12 Pro Max: iPad Mini Mini?

The Pro Max is quite large at 6.33 x 3.07 x 0.29 inches. It’s no bigger than the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, which is still slightly larger than the Pro Max. I use the Note 20 Ultra as a camera to work with. The camera is great, but the phone cannot be used with one hand. Same goes for the Pro Max, and the Pro Max feels very heavy.
Pro Max in hand
My hand hardly fits around the Pro Max / Image: PCMag

It’s thick and attractive, but terribly heavy at over 8 ounces. My model has a shiny gold band on the edge and a white glass bottom. I keep thinking of the iPhone XS Max for some reason. The 6.7-inch screen offers a little more space than the smaller models. Compared to the 12 Pro, I received two more lines of text on Compared to the 12 minis, there were three more lines of text.
Gold edge
The golden border is definitely a premium touch / image: PCMag

The advantages of Max are long battery life, which I haven’t been able to test yet, and a top notch camera, at least on paper. Yes, with the Pro Max you get an additional 0.5x zoom from 2x to 2.5x. Fast tests in low light conditions showed no noticeable difference to the iPhone 12 Pro. Yes, yes, I know other reviewers have found a slight difference and obviously need to test more. But I came out without feeling like there was a significant difference between the Pro and Pro Max cameras, as opposed to the significant difference I found between the Galaxy S20 series and the Note 20 Ultra.
Night shot

A night shot on the iPhone 12 (left) and Pro Max (right) didn’t show much difference between the main cameras of the two phones / Image: PCMaG

I won’t be too tough on the Pro Max because I know the size of the phone is a matter of taste and philosophy. In my 15 year phone review career, the call I misunderstood the most was the original Galaxy Note because I didn’t understand how many people just wanted big phones. From a photographic point of view, big also means more stable; I see some early reviewers found it easier to take photos in low light with the Pro Max because it has so much inertia that the sheer bulk of the thing prevents the camera from shaking.

I’ll be pulling these two phones out for the next two days to see how the size, cameras, and the overall feel of the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro. This year, only one may be suitable for our editors.

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