Biden is open to “working together” with Russia and fighting the “nuclear threat” posed by Iran and North Korea.

United States President Joe Biden, during his one hundred days in office speech this Wednesday, affirmed that he is ready to “work” with Russia and has stressed that he will work with his allies to ” to deliver”. nuclear threat “from countries like Iran and North Korea.

The US President has described telling his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin that the United States “is not seeking escalation, but that its actions have consequences,” to which he reacted “directly and proportionately to Russia’s interference in our elections” and Cyberattacks “.

Iran and North Korea’s nuclear programs “pose a serious threat to the security of the United States and the world,” Biden said, and they will work with their allies to “address the threats posed by these two countries” through diplomacy and deterrence. “

Biden is open to “working together” with Russia and fighting the “nuclear threat” posed by Iran and North Korea.
Biden is open to “working together” with Russia and fighting the “nuclear threat” posed by Iran and North Korea.

Biden noted that Washington “will not give up its commitment to human rights and fundamental freedoms” after stressing that “no responsible American president can remain silent when fundamental human rights are violated”.

“The United States is a globally unique idea,” he reflected, “that a president must represent the essence of our country.”

According to Biden, the investments mentioned in his speech “also promote a foreign policy that benefits the middle class,” which means ensuring that “all countries, including China, adhere to the same rules in the world economy.”

With regard to China, the president said that he had passed on to his counterpart Xi Jinping, that “we welcome competition and that we are not looking for a conflict,” but he has made “absolutely clear” that he is “defending the interests of the United States as a whole become “fields”.

He also stressed that in speaking with Xi, he told him that the United States “would maintain a strong military presence in the Indo-Pacific so as not to start a conflict but to avoid it”.

On foreign policy too, the president has indicated that “the United States will be exposed to unfair business practices that harm American workers and industries, such as subsidies to state-owned companies and the theft of American technology and intellectual property.”

On the podium of the US Congress, the chairman remarked: “US leadership means ending the eternal war in Afghanistan.” “We went to Afghanistan to catch the terrorists who attacked us on September 11th. We did justice to Osama bin Laden and reduced the terrorist threat posed by Al Qaeda,” he said.

“After 20 years of American courage and sacrifice, it is time to bring our troops home,” but even if troop withdrawals take place, “we will keep the ability to quell future threats to the homeland on the horizon.”

“But make no mistake: the terrorist threat has expanded beyond Afghanistan since 2001, and we will continue to be vigilant of threats to the United States, wherever they come from,” he threatened, as al-Qaeda and Islamic State converge located in Yemen in Syria. Somalia and other places in Africa, the Middle East and beyond, “he added.

He has warned, however, that his government “will not ignore what our own intelligence services have determined: the deadliest terrorist threat to the homeland today is white supremacist terrorism”.

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