Biden hails “America’s return” as he embarks on his first overseas tour

United States President Joe Biden celebrated “the return of the United States” this Wednesday as he began his first overseas tour, the first stop being at Mildenhall Air Force Base in the southeastern United Kingdom.

On this scale, Biden has reached out to base U.S. forces to pay tribute to them, and recalls the time his son Beau served in the country’s army.

He has also announced that on this tour he will make it clear that “the United States has returned” and that “the world’s democracies are banding together to face the current challenges,” according to a White House statement.

Biden hails “America’s return” as he embarks on his first overseas tour
Biden hails “America’s return” as he embarks on his first overseas tour

“The United States is best placed to promote our national security and economic prosperity when we partner with like-minded nations to support us,” he said.

With that in mind, Biden posted a message from his Twitter account in which he believes that “Diplomacy is essential because no nation can alone face the challenges we face today or build the future together that can.” we all strive for. “

This Thursday, Biden will meet with UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson near Cornwall where they are expected to sign a new Atlantic Charter, a new agreement to work together on global challenges.

The new Atlantic Charter will oblige Britain and the United States to use their resources to rebuild the world after the coronavirus and to find a way to stop climate change, according to the DPA agency.

The original Atlantic Charter was a joint declaration by Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt in 1941 that set British and American goals for the world after World War II.

Eighty years later, Johnson said the new deal would underscore that the two countries remain “closest partners and greatest allies.” “As Churchill and Roosevelt debated how we can help the world recover from a devastating war, we face a very different, but no less daunting, challenge today: how to better get out of the coronavirus pandemic can recover, ”he added.

At this meeting it is also planned to examine the improvement of economic relations and to discuss a bilateral technology agreement between the two nations.

From Friday, Biden will be at the G7 summit, where he will meet other European heads of state and government such as German Chancellor Angela Merkel. His visit to the UK ends on Sunday when he and First Lady Jill Biden are received by Queen Elizabeth II.

On Monday, Biden will take part in the NATO summit in Brussels, where a meeting with representatives of the European Union is planned for the following day, before he is long awaited with Putin on Wednesday in Geneva.

In his speech on Wednesday, Biden also warned his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, assuring him that Washington will “react vigorously” if the Moscow government “engages in harmful activities”.

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