Biden and Macron discuss efforts to “strengthen cooperation” after the AUKUS crisis

The President of the United States, Joe Biden, and his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron this Friday the efforts of both countries to “improve cooperation in the Indo-Pacific” in view of the tense relations between Washington and Paris, triggered by the crisis of the AUCUS Treaty.

In a statement, the White House stated that both heads of state and government have also addressed the situation in the Sahel and “efforts to enable a stronger and more efficient European defense while ensuring complementarity with NATO”.

Biden and Macron discuss efforts to “strengthen cooperation” after the AUKUS crisis
Biden and Macron discuss efforts to “strengthen cooperation” after the AUKUS crisis

Biden “looks forward to” meeting Macron in Rome later this month on the occasion of the G-20 summit, where they will “continue the conversation, take stock of the many areas of cooperation between the United States and France, and they” share Strengthen interests and common values, “they pointed out from Washington.

For its part, the Elysee also issued a statement in which it noted that the presidents had spoken of “guarantee of confidence and current challenges”, while both agree on the good progress made so far.

The White House has also reported that US Vice President Kamala Harris will travel to France in November, where she will attend the fourth annual Paris Peace Forum on November 11 and the Paris Libya Conference on November 12. The Elysee has also confirmed the visit of the Vice President.

On the same trip, Harris will meet with Macron to discuss “the importance of transatlantic relations for world peace and security” and the “importance” of bilateral relations in the face of the global challenges posed by COVID-19 and the climate crisis on issues affecting the Sahel and affect the Indo-Pacific, as the White House said in a statement.

Harris’ visit is “an important opportunity to further improve cooperation between the United States and France on a number of global challenges,” Biden said.

A diplomatic crisis broke out in late September after the announcement of the AUKUS agreement signed between the US, France and the UK surprised the EU and France, with Paris as the main victim, as it will mean the abrupt break of a contract millionaire with Canberra, to build submarines of French design.

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