Beware, scammers claim they are from

Nowadays, Fraudulent actors hover online claiming to be linked to cryptocurrency trading and wallet company, as confirmed by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), a UK-based regulator.

The copycats claim a partnership with under Blockchain Ltd, a clone version of the real company. Genuine has legitimate FCA approval under broker Blockchain Access UK Ltd and lead company Modulr FS Limited, according to a warning from the FCA on Friday.

“The fraudsters use the data of the companies we authorize to convince people that they are working for an authentic and authorized company.”said the FCA in the warning. The FCA refers to these criminal efforts as clones.

Beware, scammers claim they are from
Beware, scammers claim they are from

“This company is not licensed or registered by us, it is targeted at anyone in the UK who claim to be a licensed company,” the FCA said of the clone.

The warning post contains details on the actual registrants, Modulr FS Limited and Blockchain Access UK Ltd. The post also highlights some of the well-known email addresses and phone numbers of the nefarious characters, excluding last names in their email addresses. E-mail.

The crypto room has seen a fair share of deceptive tactics aimed at stealing funds from victims. Phishing serves as an example of falsification by victims with similar efforts.

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