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Best development company for cryptocurrency exchange

May 10, 2020

In this list you will find those who, according to GoodFirms, are the main development companies for cryptocurrency exchanges. Bitcoin Exchange websites are based on decentralized servers that are spread all over the world, have no restrictions or restrictions depending on their location and cannot be hacked.

These decentralized servers act as a bridge between peer-to-peer trading and typically attribute ownership of the cryptocurrency to the same users who keep the platforms running. Would you like to know what advantages cryptocurrency exchange platforms offer and which best suit your needs? Here is the summary of GoodFirms.

1. HashCash consultant. Global software company

HashCash is a global software company that manages digital asset exchange based in the United States. With HashCash blockchain products, they can move assets and process payments for trade finance, wire transfers, payment processing and more in real time. HashCash promotes technological progress through the Blochchain1o1 programs and its investment arm Satoshi Angels. O.Through its platforms, products and services, it offers exchange software and payment processor solutions, ICO services and personalized use cases, also in Al, Big Data and Iot.

2. Idealogical. Custom software development from start to finish

Best development company for cryptocurrency exchangeBest development company for cryptocurrency exchange

Idealogic is a Kiev, Ukraine based company that builds partnerships with other entrepreneurs to bring their ideas to life and help them develop. Specializing in product design, software development, product warranty and post-start support. Thanks to its unit development model, it maintains the highest project management and delivery standards and has access to the best development teams in Ukraine. Idealogic strives to stay on trend to bring you the latest technologies like Javascript, Python, Swift and Blockchain.

3. SoluLab. Blockchain / IoT / Mobility / AI / Big Data

SoluLab is a leader in mobile, web and blockchain development offering its services to large and small companies. The team consists of more than 150 experts who are kept up to date on the progress of the market and new technologies. Work with blockchain, cloud, artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, machine learning, and more. He has also worked with major brands and companies such as Walt Disney and Mercedes-Benz. It is based in India, the United States and the United Arab Emirates.

4. Labrys. Blockchain consultants and developers

It is a 100% Australian company based in Brisbane, Australia, that works to develop blockchains that support services for individuals, businesses and government agencies looking to develop software solutions using this technology. Labrys is working hard to build a decentralized world and develop blockchain solutionsThis ranges from intelligent contracts to mobile applications and much more. The developers provide the solution you need because they work with different frameworks to help you determine which one is best for your needs. They also help various companies take advantage of existing blockchain technologies or create new protocols.

5. Inn4Science. Blockchain and high-load system development

Inn4Science offers its customers a variety of services that can help their business or entrepreneurship grow and function better. Specializing in product development through blockchain, cloud and mobile technology. In other words, it is responsible for developing innovative solutions for your company that offer you a safe and reliable product.

It offers: Exchanges, digital billboards, payment systems, heavy-duty services, financial systems, electronic document management and logistics.

Everything related to the project is carefully planned, from gathering the requirements to delivering the final version of the product to get a product that meets the needs and marketing plans of its customers.

6. OpenXcell. Leader in mobile application development

OpenXcell is a company founded in 2009 that is primarily located in the United States. The goal is to develop software and mobile applications for industry. Thanks to technological innovations, the company offers quality products and eye-catching solutionsThis makes it a safe option for your company.

The company currently has more than 750 business partners worldwide, more than 3,000 mobile applications in the app store, more than 2,000 customer-specific software solutions, a team of certified SCRUM developers and SMEs from certain industries and is connected to international associations such as NASSCOM and it has a methodology, that aims to get results.

7. S-PRO. Strategic partner

S-PRO is a technology partner that supports new companies in the development of innovative products and established companies in the digitalization of their basic processesto satisfy the economic needs of its customers. His in-depth study of the market enables him to offer a comprehensive vision of each project, as well as the development of personalized software with high business goals, solid management, fixed deadlines and superior technology. This team has more than 150 highly qualified employees and is associated with accelerators such as the founding institute.

  • Services for new companies: MVP development, discovery workshops, dedicated team.

  • Services for established companies: new product development, digital transformation and business intelligence.

  • Technology skills: front-end, mobile development, blockchain development, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

  • Main industries: FinTech, logistics, renewable energies.

8. Technoloader. Complete the Blockchain Development Company India

Technoloader (P) LDT is a company that It offers various services based on blockchain development such as supply chain, POC development, IOT development, game development, intelligent contracts, consulting services and much more. Among other things, it specializes in the development of software, mobile applications, e-commerce websites and Internet marketing (SEO, SMO, PPC, ASO, ICO). In other words, it offers every industry bespoke block chains with high-quality products that are tailored to the needs of their customers. Thanks to its transparency and reliability, blockchain has become a fundamental part of the industrial system.

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