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Belgium extends the negotiations to form a government for another week

August 28, 2020

King Felipe of the Belgians has decided to extend the mandate of the leader of the Flemish Liberals, Egbert Lachaert, for another week to examine the possibilities of forming a government in the country, which has continued with a provisional executive since the May 2019 elections .

This was decided by the Belgian monarch after his meeting with Lachaert on Friday, at which the politician informed him that progress had been made since receiving the mission in mid-August. “There is still a lot to be done, but we hope to have news within a week and then really to take the next step,” said the President of the Flemish Liberals.

Lachaert is examining the possibility of forming a coalition that includes socialists, liberals, Greens and Christian Democrats known in the Belgian media as Vivaldi, isolating the Flemish nationalists from the N-VA, the first force in the last election. Indeed, the coalition is viewed with skepticism in Flanders, where the two main formations, the N-VA and the far right von Vlaams Belang, would remain outside the executive.

Belgium extends the negotiations to form a government for another weekBelgium extends the negotiations to form a government for another week

In statements made after his interview with the King, the Flemish Liberal insisted that all political families should soon show their readiness to support this form of government. “There has to be respect for the sensitivity of others. There has to be gestures for everyone, but at the same time allow budget approval,” he warned.

The mission to form a government fell to Lachaert after the failure of the previous negotiations, which were traditionally divided between the Flemish nationalists and the Walloon socialists, the two main forces in the Bundestag. Despite attempting to form a coalition, they failed to close the support of other political forces for the inauguration.

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