Beijing tops Shenzhen as China’s premier blockchain city

Beijing was named the most important city in China in the China Blockchain Innovation Ranking 2020in front of the Shenzhen blockchain hub.

The ranking was announced in a special session at the summit of the China International Trade Fair in Services. According to Finance China, Beijing scored 99.82 points, while Shenzhen, a city with more than 5,000 blockchain companies, lagged behind with 91.2 points.

The country’s second largest city, Shanghai, has a score of 88. One of the largest business capitals in East Asia, and the ranking ranks third.

Beijing tops Shenzhen as China’s premier blockchain city
Beijing tops Shenzhen as China’s premier blockchain city

The Beijing Fair, host of the summit, praised both Beijing and Shanghai as two critical communities They rely on their “Research and Development (RD), Industrial Development, and Public Enthusiasm” benefits that enable them to achieve strong public awareness of blockchain.

In July, the Beijing city government unveiled a 20-point plan to accelerate the development and deployment of distributed ledger (DLT) technologies. and make Beijing a global and national center for blockchain technology.

Beijing Blockchain Innovation Development Action Plan 2020-2022 outlines the city’s intention to establish itself as a world leader both in private blockchain innovation and in the public DLT rollout by the end of next year.

Finance China stressed the fact that Shenzhen has also pioneered the introduction of blockchain to businesses in the country and helped put blockchain applications “on the right track” in the financial sector..

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