Before sending everything to the devil: 10 keys to know if you are happy in your work

Do you feel satisfied with your job or is it time for a change? Find out with these 10 points.

The question itself may sound obvious: if you are happy or fed up with your work, you probably already realized … right? It could be. However, sometimes we find ourselves so immersed in the routine that we don't even question how fulfilled we feel with what we do.

If you've been working on the same thing for a long time and you've never wondered how happy you feel, maybe now is a good time to do it. How to know if you meet your own expectations or those of someone else? Do you see yourself having significant long-term growth?

Before sending everything to the devil: 10 keys to know if you are happy in your work
Before sending everything to the devil: 10 keys to know if you are happy in your work

Review these points carefully and answer them honestly.

1. The idea of ​​going to work excites you

You put your alarm clock, you wake up at first, you leave home on time and you arrive in the office in a good mood … does it sound familiar? Think about whether you are motivated to undertake new projects, meet people or learn new things, or if, on the contrary, the mere idea of ​​going to the office causes you apathy.

2. Work flows

It has happened to all of us: we have moments of maximum inspiration, in which ideas and action plans come to us, and moments of blockage in which we simply cannot concentrate . However, if you usually feel with little inspiration to resolve issues related to your work, it may be time to rethink if it is time to change your air.

3. You feel comfortable with your equipment

Your co-workers, bosses or subordinates are a support, and not an obstacle to achieve your goals and those of the company. You maintain a good relationship with them, a link that even goes beyond work. You can rely on them and they can also count on you.

4. Do you think your salary is fair

You consider that your salary fits your abilities and the level of your commitment , that is, that you earn what you deserve to earn. Of course, this does not mean that you do not have higher economic claims.

5. You contribute more than necessary

In everyday life, you feel motivated to go beyond what is strictly necessary. This means that you are not satisfied with fulfilling your tasks or with a work schedule, but you always contribute something extra to your work … without feeling that you are sacrificing your time or your effort.

6. Do you feel valued

You feel that your work really makes a difference in the overall objective of the company, which brings a special value, and that this value is recognized by others. You know you are taking advantage of your talent.

7. You are committed to the projects

The company's projects interest you, or better yet, you are passionate. You feel involved with them on a level that goes far beyond the strictly labor.

8. Do you consider your work a way of life

Your work is an integral part of your life, and it is not just an obligation that begins when you enter the office and ends when you get home. Also, your profession is complemented by your personal purposes.

9. You have autonomy to make decisions

You feel the freedom necessary to make important decisions regarding your work. Also, you feel that you have enough autonomy to bring to reality the projects that are gestated in your head.

10. Your work is stable

You don't feel your job is in danger; On the contrary, you consider that you have a stable future, which includes growth, adventures and much learning.

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