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Beers for sale! You return to small shops and supermarkets

June 2, 2020

According to ANPEC, a six-pack with 67 pesos was offered on the black market at a price of 250 pesos.

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Beers for sale! You return to small shops and supermarketsBeers for sale! You return to small shops and supermarkets

This Sunday, May 31st, the Beer sales nationwide and this June 1st you can already find the drink in convenience stores and supermarkets.

According to the newspaper Wood woolThe wholesale sale of beer in Central de Abasto started at 550 pesos per box of “fake heads”.

Beer supply has been briefly interrupted in the past few weeks as Covid-19, in addition to manufacturing mining, construction and transportation services, has slowed operations in phase 3 health contingency as these were not considered activities.

In some areas of Mexico, certain times for the sale and distribution of beers were set in early April, and even the drying law was ordered in states like Yucatan and Campeche.

In order to National Day of Healthy Distance The gradual return of productive activities began with adjustments to schedules and security measures to protect workers’ health.

“The beer problem has been a major problem for businesses, as half of the outlets also have alcohol sales permits that can increase their sales by up to 40%,” said Cuauhtémoc Rivera, president of the National Association of Small Merchants (ANPEC ) in an interview with s in Spanish.

According to the expert, the price of beer on the black or speculation market would have quadrupled. “Out of 67 pesos worth a six-pack, the price came to 250 pesos, which was the other format. This affected the dealers because they took the sale from us and gave it speculation.”