Because together we will get ahead: List of offers from entrepreneurs to face the Covid-19

In this list (which will be updated every two days until we reach 100 offers) we will give a brief explanation of what each entrepreneur is offering and where you can find it.

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There is a Chinese curse that says “I hope you live in interesting times . I have always found it curious that it is a supposed wish for bad luck because entrepreneurs, in fact, want to live interesting times because we know that it is when there are more opportunities. Even more so if we talk about Mexican entrepreneurs .

Because together we will get ahead: List of offers from entrepreneurs to face the Covid-19
Because together we will get ahead: List of offers from entrepreneurs to face the Covid-19

We know what it is to live and survive crises and as we demonstrated in the 1985 earthquake and once again (if there was any doubt) in 2017 , Mexicans always give a hand to those who need it.

That is why, believing in the spirit of Aztec entrepreneurs, I have decided to list the offers that many SMEs are bringing to help other business men and women to get ahead of the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic.

In this list ( which will be updated every two days until we reach 100 offers ) we will give a brief explanation of what each entrepreneur is offering and where you can find it.

Do not forget that you should review the specifications of each offer on its website as they will be subject to changes for which cannot be held responsible.

1. Beek : Platform for audiobooks on various topics. It offers 14 days free and curated lists for children at home, undertaking, learning to cook, etc.

2. Meraki : Communication agency. It offers a session of up to 60 minutes for communication management in SMEs to ensure that the messages are clear.

3. Youles : Financial education system. They give 12 hours of free advice on your personal finances.

4. Undertaking From Love : The specialist Pilar Trinidad will give free webinars and group consultancies on entrepreneurship and gastronomic marketing.

5. Apapacho : Brand of textile products. It gives free home deliveries in Querétar and a 45% reduction in the cost of its products, as well as free shipping nationwide through Mercado Libre.

6. FLOW workshop : FLOW Happy Business Workshop until April 16 with 50% discount.

7. Lilographie : Creation of illustrated content for free entrepreneur social networks until April 5.

8. Perflex : Strategic and financial consulting services for companies affected by the crisis. Free for April and May. Find them here:

9. Kokolet : Fashion platform that offers free shipping service during the contingency for the Covid-19.

10. DeKidsMx : Online programming workshop for children from 9 to 13 years old. You can get a free place or pay from 99 to 300 (regular price of the workshop) according to the possibilities of each person. Valid from April 23 to May 8.

11. Villains Fitness Center : They offer daily online training with free functional exercises at home for three weeks.

12. Thirteen Human Capital : Presents free vocational guidance services as well as advice on interviews, CV creation and psychological consulting from April to June.

13. The nanlab : Provide free webinars and design of free training materials on change management (leadership in crisis) throughout April and May.

14. ILab Hub : Offers free 90-minute webinars on agile methodologies on Wednesday in April.

15. Yeira : Elearning platform to do your online courses in minutes. There is a free plan and if they subscribe to a paid plan, they can go to the next level for a month due to the contingency.

16. GetIn : They measure the influx in commercial spaces for retail. They open a free access page with indicators of some important places so that retailers can monitor the influx during the contingency day by day.

17. Tiketiux : Ticket management software. With their technology, they developed a robot that performs a self-diagnosis of COVID-19 via text message in order to avoid panic and the spread of the virus.

18. Fibotech Innovation Laboratory : Through a Messenger chatbot, an evaluation of the risk of contagion of Coronavirus is carried out and in case of high risk, a free medical consultation is enabled remotely.

19. Inweb : Digital agency that created a directory for local Queretaro businesses.

20. IT Jobs : Will provide vacancy posting that is 100% remote at no cost for one month.

21. The idea : Platform for financial advice, strategic planning, financing. It offers a special price and flexibility in the form of payment for two months.

22. Cancun 360 Web Pages : Discounts on Web Design, Development, Mobile, Ecommerce, Social Networks, Marketing, Photography and Digital Animation services during the rest of the year.

23. Profitmakers School of Sales : Will give Online workshops on closing sales and sales planning under the modality “pay what you can and if you cannot, please take advantage of it”. Workshops three times a week during the months of March to June.

24. Qualy Consultores : Offers free online diagnosis and training from April to June.

25. Hualiz : They give free webinars and consulting in support to adapt business models in times of crisis.

26. KLAY Bot : Chatbot to automate crisis FAQ's on WhatsApp. Free setup and consulting.

27. Marotto : For every 10 boxes sold of their flake swarms, they will donate one to hospital personnel who are attending the emergency for the entire duration of the pandemic.

28. La Cosita Chula: They include mouthguards, antibacterial gel or Tuny tuna in their orders during the entire contingency or while supplies last.

29. Shopnet : Reimbursement of up to 10% on consumer tickets of any supermarket, pharmacy, convenience store or home order in Guadalajara and Monterrey for one month.

30. RD Station : They offer a marathon of webinars on how to deal with the crisis throughout Find them here:

31. MachinnaLab and Toci Health : Manufacture of medical masks to donate to public hospitals.

32. Daniel Medina : This coach offers some free Personal Development courses.

33. LokkiCo : Free webinars and implementation plans for business model adaptation in April.

The information in this list will be updated.

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