Because of this, Starbucks of Dublin was fined more than $ 14,000 for a drawing on a glass.

An Ireland-based Starbucks branch was fined € 12,000 in damages for one of the workers throwing an “offensive” face on a Thai consumer.

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Because of this, Starbucks of Dublin was fined more than $ 14,000 for a drawing on a glass.
Because of this, Starbucks of Dublin was fined more than $ 14,000 for a drawing on a glass.

According to an employee of a Starbucks of Dublin Draw a smiley face with “slanted eyes” on a customer’s paper cup. origin Thai, a dish of Ireland Fine against the company that considers this act a racist crime.

According to the website The Irish Examiner, he Irish Labor Relations Court made the decision that Suchavadee Foley had suffered a “racist attack” because the crime scene worker had given “a clear indication” of her ethnic origin by identifying the jar with this picture instead of writing down the name, as is normally the case in this cafeteria.

On February 12, 2020, the woman identified as Ms. Foley was the one who asked for a cup of matcha milk tea that day and noticed the drawing. The Workplace Relations Commission (WRC), Kevin Baneham, applied to Atercin Liffey Unlimited which is listed as Starbucks Tallaght to pay compensation from the offended woman 12 thousand euroswhen she was racially harassed under the Equality of State Act while attending this facility.

It is worth noting that the Mr. Baneham notes that the fact that an employee marked the mug with a picture of a smile and slanted eyes is not up for discussion as evidence that it is the drink of the Mrs. Foley, as it is mentioned that she is of Thai-Irish descent and that it is clear that the visual representation is referring to her.

Although the worker said he did not want to offend anyone, the effects were negative Mrs. Foley, described as a “degrading and humiliating” event.

He Mr. Baneham He argues that the company did not take appropriate measures to prevent the harassment and that it was indirectly responsible.

Foley During an earlier hearing, she stated that she “panicked” and got nervous when trying to give her her order, so her boyfriend took him in for her.

As for the lawyers of Starbuckshad requested that the company’s name be omitted from this lawsuit as it could damage the brand’s image. This request was rejected.

A spokesperson for Starbucks stated that the company “deeply regrets this incident and will not tolerate any discrimination”.

“We accept that Conclusions of dish point out that our employee did not want to offend the customer and we have re-trained the staff for this Coffee shop to make sure that doesn’t happen again, “added the company spokesman.

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