Beam CEO Says “Everything Is Switched To Confidential DeFi”

June 29th beam, the important Privacy cryptocurrency, de went through a hard fork to activate “Confidential DeFi”. in Beam. What will be the difference between Beam’s confidential DeFi and other DeFi like COMP and Maker → during the DeFi boom? Alexander Zaidelson, the CEO of Beam, spoke to Cointelegraph about his prospects.

Beam Hard Fork Activated Stand for Confidential Assets or Beam CA., which allowed independent tokens to be issued in the beam blockchain. It is a key component of confidential DeFi and takes advantage of Beam’s confidentiality and scalability features.

Zaidelson explained that DeFi Confidential is “an ecosystem for financial services that is completely confidential, great ease of use and also an optional test option. “

Beam CEO Says “Everything Is Switched To Confidential DeFi”
Beam CEO Says “Everything Is Switched To Confidential DeFi”

Zaidelson recognized the merit of others DeFi services such as Compound and Maker as “solid financial instruments”. In fact, he ruled out a comparison between the recent DeFi boom and that of the ICO in 2017, describing ICOs as “a misunderstanding in which people believed in invalid promises and lost their money”.

He also pointed out the difference to Beam DeFi as follows:

“They are based on Ethereum, a contrast to privacy. In addition to financial privacy, Beam Confidential DeFi also offers advanced functions all with great usability and ability to review transactions “

When asked whether the Beam DeFi addresses target groups other than COMP and Maker, he replied: “Everyone needs privacy, so At some point, everything will be switched to confidential DeFi“”

COMP, the Compound governance token, has been very successful since its inception. I only drink A trading day for COMP to dethrone MKR as leader of the decentralized financial ranking.

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