Be the CEO your company needs with these 5 tips

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  • The routine sets you free.
  • The 25-year framework.
  • Intentional Practice.
  • Daily dynamics.
  • I don’t have an office in the office.
Be the CEO your company needs with these 5 tips
Be the CEO your company needs with these 5 tips

“The best CEOs have a learning mindset,” said Daniel Marcos, CEO and Co-Founder of the Growth Institute at INCMty 2020. And this year, when we talked about pandemic, healthy distance, and confinement, we talked about executives you had to manage and learn while they carry out their projects.

According to National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI)Mexico has 4.1 million small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) that create 72% of formal employment and 52% of national economic growth. However, 80% fail before age five and 90% fail to reach a decade.

Because of this, and in a context like the one we live in today, what is needed is great CEOs who are leaders and who know how to best run their businesses. According to Daniel, you need to know and understand how companies grow and what you need to do to grow your business in order to become a great business leader.

“I’m saying that there are startups where you are an entrepreneur, level two: you are a leader; Level three: you are a leader of the leader, and there we are in a scale-up; and level four, where you are already CEO or Executive President, ”explains Daniel.

  • In the first phase, you design the dream, assemble the equipment, and start selling. You need to master three mentalities: technical, managerial and entrepreneurial.

  • In the second phase you are already in the lead and need to determine the direction. Where is the company going? and then delegate.

  • The third phase is the right time to scale companies. They already have a more complex structure than in the first few moments. You will become a “Leader of Leaders”. To do this, you need to be a very good communicator, form teams and coach other leaders in the areas of your company.

  • In the fourth phase, you are responsible for being the strategic innovator and analyzing the changes so that the company continues to improve.

To do this, Daniel comments that entrepreneurs need to focus on themselves, then on the team, and later on the company. “An entrepreneur with financial, health, or domestic problems is unlikely to build a good team, the best leaders.” the world want to follow a leader who inspires respect and admiration. ”

Next, I’ll share with you the 5 practical tips to be the CEO your business needs from Daniel Marcos:

1. The routine sets you free

Being routine, getting to sleep early, getting up in front of your world, that is, your family, meditating, exercising, eating breakfast, writing down goals for the day is something that makes you a healthy person.

Image: Isaac Smith via Unsplash

“I get up at 5am every day, why? When I wake up at 7 a.m. with the alarm clock going, I yell at my kids to take a bath, have breakfast, and go to school. By the time I do that and get to the office, I’m already tired, angry, and obviously I’m going to pass it on to my team, and it’s not good. ”

2. The frame at the age of 25

The most important thing is to think big and long term.

“People who learn to think long-term set themselves bigger goals and usually take them with everything, then the best managers think long-term.”

3. Conscious practice

“Any problem or opportunity I might have, someone already had it, solved it, developed a methodology for it, and wrote a book or course.” So, every time you have a problem, find who has already done it, read their book or hire them as a trainer, and practice hard until you are the best. ”

4. Time system for entrepreneurs

You need to have days of preparation, execution, and rest. This is a dynamic of the days.

“All entrepreneurs must have days to prepare and implement the goals and of course to rest so that they can continue to be creative.

5. You don’t have an office in the office

Image: Campaign creator via Unsplash

You have to do everything with your work team, that is, not close yourself in one room. If there is a problem in a particular area, meet with that area’s head to resolve it. “I don’t have to do anything alone, because everything I do while running, I do with my team.”

Daniel Marcos invites us to remember that the first step should always be to put the oxygen mask on yourself. If you don’t help yourself first, you cannot help others.

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