Bayern Munich joins the blockchain-based fantasy football trend

The German football club FC Bayern Munich, who plays in the state’s Bundesliga, is entering the world of blockchain-based fantasy football.

The blockchain-based fantasy football game Ethereum Sorare, which Bayern joined this week, already has more than 100 participating clubs, including high-profile names. like Paris Saint-German, Juventus, PSG and Atlético Madrid.

FC Bayern Munich is no stranger to working with blockchain projects. Last fall, the company partnered with Stryking Entertainment to create digital collectibles for its players. These cards can be both collected and played as part of a Fantasy League style challenge.

Bayern Munich joins the blockchain-based fantasy football trend
Bayern Munich joins the blockchain-based fantasy football trend

By announcing his deal with Sorare to fans, FC Bayern Munich found that the top 20 leagues in the world are now available on the gaming platform that has become truly global.

Sorare works like a five-player soccer game. New players choose a starting template with 10 blockchain-based player cards from which they assemble their tournament team.

As reported Sorare also offers players the option to purchase and trade limited edition cards. the highest score and value of which is determined by the players’ actual performance on the soccer tables and their rarity as digital collectibles.

According to the Nonfungible, a non-fungible collector token issuance and blockchain gaming ranking site, Sorare is improving the leaderboards and is growing in popularity in the global gaming community.

At the time of this writing The platform ranks third with a weekly trading volume of approximately $ 243,000. However, in terms of all-time sales, Sorare is well behind Axie Infinity, which has roughly three times the sales of the fantasy football market.

Sorare recently launched in the US, where the platform aims to attract some of its 60 million players. of American fantasy sports.

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