Basic instructions for creating a sales area in your company

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Despite the importance of the sales area for a company, many entrepreneurs leave it aside, says Javier Fuentes Merino of Grupo Venta Proactiva (GVP), a Spanish-based company that specializes in trade and human resource management. But even if you have the best product on the market, it doesn’t sell itself. To achieve your company’s goals, you need to set up an effective system to recruit, train, and evaluate salespeople. Here are some tips from the sales coach to achieve this:

Find the bestseller

Basic instructions for creating a sales area in your company
Basic instructions for creating a sales area in your company

As an entrepreneur, you are likely to start selling your business. Fuentes Merino recommends that you train and organize with one, as well as the staff dedicated to him CRM software (Customer relationship management) to receive current information about your prospects and buyers. It is also important for the specialist to prepare mentally and morally for this work, as you often hear the word “no” before you get a “yes”.

If you can hire one or more providers, the recruitment process can be started in any way, both online and offline. For example, via social networks such as LinkedIn or Twitter and electronic job boards or by placing an advertisement in a newspaper.

“The bestseller is the one with a positive attitude,” says Fuentes Merino. And he adds that the secret of a good seller is not in experience, but in his ability to face challenges, focus on the market, and be empathetic. After all, the seller is an ambitious person who works to achieve goals. in fact your income depends on it.

But how can you discover these qualities in the candidates? Although there is no magic formula, it is possible to get a fairly accurate picture from the interview. In this interaction, you can focus on various elements such as punctuality, physical image, energy level and the coherence between your words and your body language.

Another way to have a professional sales department is to outsource these efforts to external agencies or consultants. For example, the GVP service in Mexico is responsible for selecting candidates for hiring and monitoring activities.

Train your team

As in any business area, your sales team must be trained on an ongoing basis. In the case of GVP, the methodology focuses on three points: theoretical training in classrooms, simulators for sales and performance in the field and professional position. This so that each member can learn the basics and how to deal with real customers.

In addition, Javier emphasizes that there are basic ideas that all salespeople (and entrepreneurs responsible for this work) must consider:

– To win a new customer, an average of seven hits are required. These can include: phone calls, personal visits, sending e-mails, advertising, mentioning on social networks. This is the key to building trust, reminding potential customers, and closing the sale.

– It is important to know who to contact. Before visiting a prospect, you should research them through references, social networks, and databases to ensure that I have an interest in what you sell and that I am the person who is directly responsible for the purchase.

– As with the negotiations, “the one who speaks the least wins the most,” says Fuentes Merino. A good seller is not the one who keeps a monologue about the product or service he sells, but the one who listens and tests to adapt his offer to the needs of the customer. “If your product has five benefits but the customer is only interested in two, just tell them about it,” he adds.

– Finding a new customer is difficult and expensive. Therefore, the task of the sales area should not only be to find new customers, but also to keep those who are already shopping with you. To do this, you need to listen to them, differentiate them, and create loyalty programs that prevent them from leaving you by the competition.

Set goals and commission systems

Many companies make the mistake of setting goals by changing from the general to the particular. In other words, take the company’s annual sales goals and break them down into months (or weeks) among sellers, says Fuentes Merino. Instead, the coach recommends doing it the other way round: individually define how much each seller can sell and scale. In this way you avoid team demotivations and develop realistic sales forecasts.

The remuneration must consist of two parts, a fixed and a variable. Javier warns that the fixed payment must be minimal and even insufficient for the seller to generate higher commissions. In this way, your salary depends on your work and the results achieved.

“After all, a good seller is the one who sells,” he adds. According to the specialist, both quantitative and qualitative aspects must be taken into account to assess performance. This means measuring the number of sales and new customers, as well as the number of impacts and prospects that were required to achieve performance.

Another recommendation from the GVP manager is that you create your commission scheme according to the product or service that you want to sell the most. “You have to reverse the motivation,” he adds. So if you have a new product that costs more to sell or advertise, you can offer higher commissions for it.

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