BairesDev Peru is looking for a professional blockchain

BairesDev Peru is looking for a blockchain expert who wants to be part of its respected team in the field of this technology. A company dedicated to software development.

BairesDev was founded in 2009 by Argentineans Pablo Azorín and Nacho De Marco and is the fastest growing technology solutions company in all of Latin America.

In recent years, the Argentine company has been growing at a rate of over 50% a year, which has led it to be included in the list of the most important B2B companies in Latin America drawn up by the market research company in 2018. Clutch – B2B ratings reviews.

BairesDev Peru is looking for a professional blockchain
BairesDev Peru is looking for a professional blockchain

BairesDev is committed to providing first class custom software development services. The company employs only 1% of the top IT talent to form strong engineering teams that deliver a comprehensive delivery of technology solutions.

Approved by As a leading B2B technology services company, BairesDev has offices in the United States, Canada, Europe and Latin America and offers an exceptional work environment in which employees in multicultural teams with flexible and endless working hours can be successful. and with growth opportunities.

Blockchain developer

They are currently looking for blockchain developers in Peru to involve them in various projects that consist of multicultural teams spread across the world.

They are looking for proactive people, team players who are passionate about programming in this language and who focus on providing the best end user experience.

These developers face numerous technical challenges, so they have to use the latest technologies, get involved in the mobile world, in web applications, devices, etc.

Main activities

The main activities that blockchain developers must adhere to include: Participation in research, design, development and testing of blockchain technologies. Development of intelligent contracts and the interactive front-end design process for dapps.

You must also monitor the entire batch that dapps are running on. To develop a blockchain backend, they need to provide ideas, evaluate applications for new tools and technologies, and maintain and scale client-side and server-side applications that are responsible for business integration and logic.

The company designed the industry’s most rigorous selection and hiring process, to which more than 145,000 people apply each year. Thanks to this rigorous seven-step selection method, all employees are senior developers and more than 74% have more than 10 years of experience.

All of them have been trained to make every new product from scratch. This is a guarantee of quality and timely delivery for customers.

Blockchain developer profile

Among the important properties that the person must fulfill for their application, the following stand out: The excellent understanding of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.), a practice that takes place on one of the blockchain platforms such as Hyperledger, Ethereum Solidity, R3 Corda, Bluemix, Rubix and solid experience in software development are developed.

It is also important to use working with open source projects and experience with large code bases. Sound knowledge of data structures and algorithms. Knowledge of programming languages ​​such as C ++, Java, JavaScript etc.

Benefits offered

As part of the advantages this company offers, thanks to its mentoring system, the excellent compensation plan is clearly above the market average thanks to the possibility of remote working and flexible working hours as well as numerous opportunities for growth and professional development.

BairesDev with great potential

BairesDev has carried out more than 1,250 projects. Ten years have passed since the founders saw a previously undiscovered market niche: Latin America had a large number of IT professionals with potential and they put them in a leading position.

In summary, annual average growth is more than 50% and recognized by Inc. in the 10 fastest growing private companies in Silicon Valley. BairesDev leads the digital transformation of some of the leading companies like Google, Rolls-Royce, Pinterest, EY, SiriusXM, Motorola and Viacom CB.

The services offered include cloud computing, customer-specific software development, mobile and web development, software testing and quality control, IoT and blockchain consulting.

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